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Fire Blossom
2015-05-29 13:59:35

Stares about the raggedy group, unsure if she could even trust the weird ponies of this town. All she could do, other then shake with nervousness and puff tiny clouds of black and blue smoke, Is trust in the stag she literally clung to.

2015-05-29 13:33:23

"Well . . . that just um . . . happened," Sabuus said with a puzzled look on his face. "Welcome miss . . .?"

2015-05-12 12:02:10

Midnight was actually quite weary about the whole idea of lightning becoming violent, as one time during one of his spells his horn ended up struck by lightning and it really did hurt quite a lot. "Im not going to take the chance that some lightning will turn me into a rod!" midnight yelped as his horn started to glow as if he were casting a spell. "YIPE!" was the sound that came from his muzzle as a single jolt of lightning struck his horn mid spell leaving nothing behind where the pony once stood. "Huh....what...." a gentle voice said as a young orange mare started to into sight, though at first she was quite see through.

(Introducing Sunrise Creamsicle 2522127c-7f8a-46a4-9c20-74c611256b4a_zpsgtgqywzv.jpg she is a glacier (Usually) But will add what I hope is a little fun to this adventure)

Arcane Flame
2015-01-24 20:06:53

'Hrm...', Morning thought, 'So it has a lightning rod... or at least one has been installed - some rumors had the book princess having her assistant serve as one while she had a slumber party with two of her friends during a wicked storm but that was probably just bridle gossip.'

Morning turned to the rest of the group, "I'd advise going into the tree - this area is known for some rather nasty and powerful storms at times (thanks mostly to a rather lazy and careless weather mare)* and trying to rough it will probably end up sending us flying over to the next town over or something. Heck, when the storms were '100% in control' they often knock down some trees and send branches smashing through windows and that was in the best of conditions. I'd prefer we stay together but we shouldn't be reckless and suicidal just because somepony doesn't feel social."

OOC: *Words in parentheses are said under Mornings breath.

Ember Swift
2015-01-23 21:39:14

Peppermint looked at the group, "I've no place to make you go with me, but I wouldn't stay here.  The lightning tends to get violent."  She started leading the group through town to a large tree that had been grown to resemble a building, "Back when things were, shall we say more sane, this used to be a library that held great power.  It has a lightning rod that comes in handy during these storms.  Anyone wanting to stay outside, don't stray too far."

2015-01-20 21:35:58

"Well," Sabuus began to slowly start talking, "I did come up with the plan, but I wasn't going to make any shelter. If we create a spot to be a lookout from; then, wouldn't it be obvious that we're observing from the shelter? I was just going to hide in the debris to make sure everyone else is safe," Sabuus finished with his eyes looking towards Sardonyx.

2015-01-20 20:48:26

Sabuus did have a point. Not knowing what magical quality an unknown location had could be potentially dangerous. Yet, Morning Star was also correct. It would be best if the group stayed together. But nothing rang truer than Acheron's words, that its best to obverse and listen to everything rather than being the one acting it out. Sardonyx's mind churned and cranked as he came up with what he thought was a brilliant plan that would satisfy both situations.

"I have a brilliant idea!" Sardonyx stated abruptly, redirecting his attention to the entire group. "Even though I spend much of my time studying, I am quite use to roughing it outside. Also, it's best that we at least stick in pairs of twos. I will stay outside with Sabuus and he and I can build a makeshift shelter out of scraps we can find around town real quick, locating our shelter near your so-called enchanted 'hostel'. You guys, on the other hand, can go on ahead and go into the hostel, if you would like."

Redirecting his attention back to Sabuus yet again, "Sabuus, A. Are you okay with this plan? B. Could you help me find materials to in order to build the makeshift shelter? and C. Are you okay with taking watch for the first or second half of the night? Sorry if it is a little much to take in."

With his plan in place, Sardonyx eagerly awaited responses from the other ponies so that he could start putting it into action. "We don't have all night... I feel another storm closing in... And its closing in fast... So we had better step on it if we don't want to get wet."

A storm was approaching... A big one... And Sardonyx could feel it in his wings...

2015-01-20 15:34:07

Sunny's smile soon disappeared as he Peppermint seemed to take control of the situation, his smile turning into a frown "So be it...As the princess commands..." He bowed some to her "I shall simply watch and assure your parties safety..."

Acheron looking at all of this was skeptical, but at this moment they really didn't have a reason not to trust the more sane looking pony. He then turned to Sardonyx "Always best to listen to everything..."

Fire Blossom
2014-11-28 14:34:25

While the group had talked to the rather strange towns folk, Blossom just kept quiet. She just couldn't fight off the eerie feeling that nestled in her gut. to just fly away and try find her comfy home. just curl up under her blankets and just forget this place like a dream that flees just as you wake.
The only thing that did keeping her from retreating in such a manner was the strength the group seemed to radiate. a sense of leadership.

"Lets just stick together though...." She mumbled.

2014-11-23 22:06:09

Sabuus seemed very skeptical towards the idea of somebody offering a room randomly to a group of wandering strangers. "I think I'll just try to hide under some rubble from the rain," he said. "I'm not too interested in a room with a wild card spell on it. I'd much rather stay outside, just to be sure nothing happens, and to keep everyone safe," as his sentence finished; his eyes scanned as much of the town as he could see.

Arcane Flame
2014-11-23 19:46:01

"Indeed, let's all get out of the rain shall we?", Morning agreed. If some place had a magic quality to it it might have some valuable artifacts to nick...

Ember Swift
2014-11-16 18:43:35

Peppermint looked at the unicorn, "That won't be necessary.  Best conserve your strength, just in case."  The blue mare glared back at Sunny Smiles, "At any rate, I think I should take care of these fine pony folk, don't you think?" 

Turning her attention to the group, "There's a place not too far from here where you can rest up.  It has lots of room, and supposedly a certain magical quality to it.  That sounds much better than being out here in the rain with my.... friend"

2014-11-12 21:45:11

Midnight was worried a little bit about their current situation when some overly friendly unicorn started to offer them candy. "Uhh No..." Was all midnight said as he continues to look around the village a little bit. Midnight looked slightly disappointed by people not showing up but he figured worse things would soon happen "Hey no one would mind if I did a spell on the group right?" he would say as his horn would glow brightly.

Arcane Flame
2014-11-12 21:22:32

"Seems like a storm is brewing once more, best get these..." His eyes and attention going to Morning "Fine pony folk to shelter..." Licking his lips he looked at the pegasus giving a slight wink.

"Indeed, some of us are quite fine and rather tender," Morning replied to Sunny with a wink. Maybe it could provider her with enough cover to rifle through the horny pony's quarters where ever that was and determine what villain had taken over the town this week and what the 'Madness' - probably sirens, kelpie, or changelings or something with powers to dominate weak minds. Maybe if she played her cards right she could determine how to stop them and/or at least scamper off with a good bit of the town's treasury and valuables.

2014-11-07 00:41:02

As the blue mare responded to Sardonyx's question, he thought to himself: No wonder this place seemed distantly and eerily familiar. This WAS once the peaceful town of Ponyville at one point... Its in such disarray that it is barely recognizable... Responding to the topic of madness, Sardonyx said "So in other words, madness is like a spell or aura that effects ponies in different ways? Geeze, This night just keeps on getting creepier and weirder..."

Sardonyx again shivered with a small bit of fear. The thought of unknown effects that "madness" could have on ponies made him a bit uneasy. But nonetheless, he stood his ground. That blue mare is hiding something... I can feel it in my bones... Changing his attention to the mysteriously quiet buck, he thought to himself: Acheron has been very quiet about all this... I wonder why?

Just as he was about to ask the buck a question, the unexpected charade of lightening off in the forest produced a unexpectedly loud crack. This loud crack startled Sardonyx and made him jump back a little in fear. Quickly calming himself, he continued on his thought: "Acheron, you've been quiet about all this... What's up with that?"

As he finished his question he looked up at the sky once again, noticing several dark clouds gathering in the distance, quickly approaching the group once again. "We had better get into the tent in case it rains or storms. I don't want to be stuck out here and catch hypothermia."

As he cleared his mind of the old thoughts of uncertainty, he refocused himself on Sabuus. Deep down, I have a good feeling I can trust at least this pegasus... I am not sure about the others though... With a good portion of his uncertainty about the situations surrounding him lifted off his hooves, he took a sigh of relief.

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