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Yesterday 12:20:56

Neat, I'll have to check it out once it warms up again outside.
I've heard good things about the Wilds nearby as well. I just keep on forgetting it exists!

2017-11-20 13:54:14

Mission Oaks garden in Zanesville is pre'y cool. Stopped there for an afternoon once. Still wanna go back and take pictures of downtown. Place has some seriously cool architecture.

2017-11-20 11:24:12

Well, I'm always eager to make new friends if you're interested.
I'm on Steam as "daeleo" (currently as TazerFace)
If you'd like to chat, or perhaps even game depending on the evening.

Blank Flank
2017-11-19 14:31:27

Greetings, tovarisch. Indeed, The Z is draining, especially when I have been tainted by living in Columbus. I am a person of boredom, constantly needing distractions.

2017-11-18 22:11:23

I can really relate to that. I'm stopped mid-season 5, and falling back into trying to find the time to catch up! I'd forgotten how much the show/fandom meant to me before life made it so I simply couldn't find the time for it -for what feels like ages now.
Geeze, life and work don't give me many opportunities to binge like I want to.

Also, greetings from another Zanesville brony! We should talk shop sometime, I've only been in Zville for about a year, but I already understand how draining small-town life out here can feel. Hang in there.

2017-09-26 22:14:42

Hope all is going well on your side. Go out with friends and have fun to alleviate depression. Just let it out

Blank Flank
2017-09-17 14:39:14

Looking back, I realize that is a lot of commas, and I'll bet 5 bucks over half of them are in the wrong places or unnecessary

Blank Flank
2017-09-17 14:37:29

Good morning/afternoon/evening, to all who're reading this. Been thinking a lot lately, wanna get some stuff off my chest.

So, I've recently started the show back up, due to a couple episodes of S7 catching my eye. This called for a marathon of some S5 and 6, since after I left Columbus, my interest waned pretty hard. I just chalk it up to depression, since my interest in quite a lot of stuff is, in my own words, "tidal" (Rising and falling at different times), but honestly, I don't know what made me fall off the show. Now, I'm kinda rediscovering that spark of curiosity that led me to check this show out in 2012. I feel like the episodes where it focuses on other characters, such as Slice of Life, Dungeons and Discords, etc are what has lit this spark again, since we get to see someone in the spotlight that isn't the Mane 6 (7? Does Starlight qualify?). I don't deal with my depression healthily, kinda just ignoring it or trying to distract myself from it, but lately it's been hard to do that, what with the slight loneliness, lethargy and apathy Zanesville feels obligated to slap me with. Watching these fictional horse adventures actually gives me something to look forward to again. But it also makes me miss the acquaintances I've met through the GentleColts here in Ohio, and at BronyCon. This part of my life, while I'm not open about at all, even around fellow fans, legit helps me get through some dark points at times. So, really, if ya know me, you'll know I mean it when I say thanks. Thanks for putting up with my crap. Thanks for showing me what I could be, if I actually put in some effort. And hopefully, one day, I can thank you for letting me hang out with you again. This is Blank Flank, from Zanesville, apologizing for his million-direction rant blurbing.

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