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#1 2012-12-25 10:58:52

Arcane Flame
Arcane Trotter

OOC: Discord's Magical Hearth's Warming New Year

OOC Thread post as a reminder: This is just a fun social RP thing that will run from now till around the end of January.

-If you never RPed before this is just a simple Free Form social thing and probably a good jumping on point to try things out.

-The gifts and socks that you get are whatever you want. Humor is encouraged though.

-Feel free to bring any and all characters from any time period or reality.

-This will be out of any continuity if you want to remember anything it will be at most a hazy feeling - no lasting consequences or whatever.

-If you want a current character in an RP let's say this happens right after Silver's horn lets loose a blast knocking Summer back in Darkness and the next post I'm going to make in Trotton (probably tonight) where the Hypertime device gives a flash (yeah going to restart it now that Christmas crap at work minus some clean up is going to be ending).

-Anyone can control Discord for whatever reason - he's random like that.

-This is the realm of Chaos feel free to poof things into existence etc. If you look out the windows you will see random scenes and places. If you open the main door all you will see is thick multicolored clouds everywhere, lots of wind, lightning everywhere and sheer uncontrolled chaos.

-The rooms are whatever you want but some rooms that stick out:

-Minty's Sock Room: A money bin like place filled with tons of socks! Swim and play in the glorious pool of socks!
-Tenpony Lounge: A run down art deco night club with a full service bar and a grey colt lounge singer (named 'Fine Voice') in a tux belting out Hearth's Warming & Christmas Music. There are also some Fallout Equestria characters milling about.
-The Colt Cave: A cave filled with a couch, a tv, a video game system, and a keg of cider.
-The Enterprise: The bridge and major areas of the USS Enterprise (D) from The Next Generation (the buttons go "bloop bloop" and do nothing).
-Pinkie Delights: A Perfectly pink room with pink pillows everywhere and candy spread out on some tables.
-The Milk Bar: A 50s style malt shop featuring eggnog, milkshakes, ice cream, and other milk related things staffed by a certain mare from Trottingham (No, you probably don't want to go there).
-The Garden: A garden of weird plants ranging from poison joke to black and blue berries.



"Magicam operare non est aliud quam maritare mundum."  ~Pico della Mirandola, Conclusiones Magicae


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