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#1 2013-04-11 08:41:31

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Future War RP Chat

This is still in development and will not launch till Madness is close to over, the combat system is presently being reworked

The story:

In an alternate Equestria technology has stepped forward drastically, energy has become self sustaining and life in Equestria had become perfect as technology soon took all the hardships from their lives. All of this came at a terrible price, the environment soon fell victim. The weather became hard and violent, natural disaster soon started to occur rapidly and ripped the landscape apart. It got so bad that all who could ran to the safeties of the shielded cities, but due to city space there were many left to die out in the world. After 5 years the environment had stabilized; and those who have survived were either in the cities or on the planes of Equestria surviving its harsh environment. The cities layer from the hierarchy up top to the poor in the self formed slums beneath the streets.

Outside of the cities lie the ruins of their previous society, of the technologies left many decayed. Out of the ashes of the ruins came the survivors of the disaster, very many of them resorted to violence and converted there once great inventions into weapons. Using their newly found powers they attacked convoys taking supplies from city to city, they were small gangs of vicious scavengers. The hierarchy saw this problem and formed The Order, a military force made of professionally trained soldiers taken from all walks of life. In the first battles they noticed a clear advantage of their main adversaries, appendages that made combat easier for them. Thus project super soldier was launched; out of 100 candidates none survived the surgery.

After a discovery it was reinstated, they had found a way to chemically change genetic makeup. Now with the project a success there are now ponyfolk that stand upright and have hands to accommodate for better combat effectiveness. Permanently changed they are looked at with fear from most ponyfolk; they showed how bad the war had become. With their weapons, technology, and training the Order has successfully kept the scavengers from the cities.

5 years later...

You are a trainee in the Order’s military force; for those who did not join up have been drafted as the result of a threat against the capital from an unknown source. Many mercenaries have also joined in hopes of a big payday.

The Factions

The Order(Player Faction)- The remnants of society who were able to make it into the cities, this includes hierarchy and slums.
Lunar Company: The Order's spec ops unit
Solar Company: The Order's main combat unit

Mercenaries- Various freelance soldiers of fortune who work with the order
Most outside mercenaries are hostile, super solider serum available for mercenary characters

Scavengers(Hostile to players)-renegade survivors who raid convoys/towns in the plains in search of supplies

Characters in the same company/living level must set whether they know each other or not, be it friendly, romantic, or total strangers.

You are allowed to have custom armor. Please do keep in mind what your company/living level part of when designing armor, be imaginative(It can be as little or as much as you want).

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#2 2013-04-11 14:58:30

Fire Blossom

Re: Future War RP Chat

I dare ask why no Alicorn's. You have never been against Silver.

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#3 2013-04-12 18:03:54

Arcane Flame
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Re: Future War RP Chat

Just tossing out a few cents worth of feed back.

As for the story the Luna seems weird (if she isn't Nightmare Moon in disguise). I mean the Lunar Republic stuff make sense if it was NMM as it would probably just be a ruse to get ponies on her side to seize power and end up as a dictator and win the throne. With this setting why would Luna ever do this since technically with Celestia dead she should get the throne (or at least be the senior and more powerful one if you're going with Twilight being a co-ruler). It would make a little more sense if the roles were reverse where Luna gains the throne and Sparkle thinks Luna killed her sister to seize the throne and is leading a rebellion against Queen Luna and her 'evil Lunar Empire'. I mean if the democratic thing was her main goal she could have just as easily implemented something like the British system instead of refusing the throne and then leading a rebellion to take over the country. Unless I am massively misunderstanding the storyline.

And sorry but I just can't help but crack up when I see the quote where (ex-)Princess Luna is railing against Monarchs. I mean there is a lot of hypocrisy people can tolerate and justify - look at North Korea, in theory they are communist but if you look at them in actuality they are a Monarchy running a feudal state and they go to great length to justify this (if you read their books) such as saying that Confucianism is a Korean cultural distinction and that it's perfectly compatible with communism and so on. But it's just such a weird and unintentionally hilarious site seeing an ex monarch who has ruled for hundreds of years being an anti-monarchical radical who abhors the very idea of monarchy now. Maybe something less jarring and hypocritical like 'We dream of Equality but we live in a nightmare of corrupt nobility!' or the 'The sun has set on the corrupt Bluebloods and now it is the night of the people!"

Acheron187 wrote:

There are also vehicles, cars and mechs

If there are mechs it might make sense if everyone is a mech pilot or no one is a mech pilot since (while I'm not sure of what the mech are like so I'm assuming a kinda generic mecha) with most mech there is a lot of power/scale difference. It's kinda like the Jedi in Star Wars if big bad like Vader and some henchmen come running out of the shadows no one wants to sit back and let the Jedis have their big climatic duel. With mechs we have the same problem as the big bads are most likely going to be in mechs while everyone else is sitting back watching with their peashooter which can't do anything, or else if they have something that can do some damage attempting to gang up and hit the big bad in the back of the head while the mechs are trying to have a dramatic one on one duel instead of them attacking nameless trooper #45324 in a near meaningless fight.

Acheron187 wrote:

Character Creation
Due to setting and combat I am setting this in a anthro pony universe, hands and hooves for feet. That means they also have reproductive organs so clothes are necessary(when not in armor); that also mean they can have relations(In other words be vague about it, kissing is fine).

I always figured that regular ponies had reproductive organs - I mean they reproduce naturally. We just don't see them on the show because no one wants to see horse cock in a children's show (well most of us anyways). Anyways like I said in the chat this just seems like a cop out because the only justification for it is to make combat easier to do. This is my personal opinion but I like pony RPs because it forces one to think creatively since a lot of just isn't going to work well for ponies and has to be done in a completely different manner leading to ideas like wing blades, battle saddles, guns with mouth grips, hoof claws, tail weaponry (like on Pegasus Enclave armors in F:oE). It also makes a lot of the pony features purely cosmetic and there is no reason not to just play human characters. Just my 2 cents but seems just like you're saying 'I like the setting but I don't like the limitations of this core defining feature so I'm just going to chuck it because I can do things a little easier without it even if it changes everything about the setting and it's dynamic (e.g. Earth ponies have less impetus to focus on tech, Unicorns are little more than Mages now since their telekinesis was a major advantage without hands, pegasus wings are only useful for flying, griffin/dragon hands/claws/talons are negated, the pony tails are just purely cosmetic now, et cetera).'

If you want to have Anthro-ponies you could always keep the setting but have the antros be super soldiers. Perhaps the factions realized the advantages of hands and bipedalism and created a potion which turns ponies into these Antros who are also stronger and tougher than basic ponies. Something like that opens up a lot of Role Playing possibilities such as maybe this potion is irreversible and while they are now super soldiers for their factions and important to the fight, they however can never be normal ponies again - normal civilian ponies might be disturbed by the sight of them (and some more extremists groups might see them as abominations). They would have to deal with the war and what they have become. The bonus of this being that it manages to keep closer to the original setting and among the civilians and normal troopers the original dynamic stays.

Acheron187 wrote:

You can be in any faction you want, you are not limited by race. The group will work together in the RP no matter what, so choose the faction you want to be in! Characters in the same faction must set whether they know each other or not, be it friendly, romantic, or total strangers.

With the size of the group we have for this different factions might be a good bit of a challenge unless we're constantly fighting each other to the death and blowing through characters we're going to be majorly splitting up the game a good deal with a lot of the characters not meeting much or at all. Unless you're saying the group is somewhere else and having to work together for some reason like for survival (eg Into the White).

Acheron187 wrote:

Classes(to be further developed, at their base usage)

I notice there are no mages or battle mages there - do unicorns have magic? Assuming so they'd probably be their own wizard class as spells would probably be majorly useful on a battlefield. I kinda like the 'End of Ponies' description of the Celestia Vs. Nightmare Moon war which nearly cause the utter extinction of unicorns because magic was very useful on the battlefield but anyone with half a brain tries to take out the wizards first because they have the potential to unleash some rather devastating shit. Similarly Pegasi forces with their weather manipulating powers can unleash things like fog to hide things or confuse the enemy, send down lightning, unleash floods, and with a bunch of them try to unleash a tornado to rip through the enemy forces. That's the thing about the pony setting it opens a lot of possibilities and forces creativity.

One reason I adore Fizzy besides her personality & backstory is because they got massively creative with her. Her power was bubbles, probably one of the most 'useless' power you can think of. She could just make freaking bubbles but she was more effective that any of the other ponies (who could do things like wind blasts, telekinesis, etc) because she used it insanely creatively. Doing things like creating a 'parachute' by half creating a very large one and leaving it on her horn, using the bubbles to move objects, creating a massive wall of bubbles to obscure the vision of a bunch of soldiers chasing them, taking out a prison wall by massively aggravating by bubbling some gruel poured into a crack so it expanded and weakened the wall so much that it collapsed and other things with just 'useless' bubbles.

That's the main flaw I see in this the setting is just used as rather basic set dressing and it's advantages and disadvantages are not being considered. This could just as easily be the 'Order of the Sun' being the Earth Federation, the 'Lunar Republic' being Zeon/Side 7, and the Hive being some random pirates or rebels who dislike both factions and nothing much changing as it stands here. I'll probably play but this needs a little more thought.

No matter what I probably couldn't do Morning Star as she would most likely take the opportunity to bugger off and create her own Pegasus Enclave with some extremists probably a minor cloud village or city she'd christen 'New Pegasopolis' and go all neutral or possibly try to recruit more pegasi into her enclave and not give a care about what's happening on the ground. Kinda like some of the more extreme Irish rebels in WWI like the Irish Republican Brotherhood which tried to oppose Irish enlistment in the war and encourage enlistment in the IRB and elements wanted to start an armed insurrection aimed at securing a free Ireland.



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#4 2013-04-12 20:05:04


Re: Future War RP Chat

I always underestimate the sheer analytic power of Arcane. That being said, he brings up several extremely valid points. But as far as factions and mechs go, I have a rather random suggestion.

There's a turn based game called Silent Storm that takes place during WW2. You pick either the Axis or the Allies and then create a character. Long story short, as you progress through the game, you uncover a 3rd faction, who utilizes resources from both sides to make the equivalent of a tiny mech, little more than power armor that you pilot as opposed to wear. Mech's could be something similar to that idea, where it's more just armor than as opposed to a huge powerhouse that has weaponry capable or leveling an entire city block. It'll still be able to transport big weaponry something the normal person or pony can handle (although ponies can handle a lot...) while providing substantial protection. That said, an armor piercing rocket is still going to hurt and there's gotta be a view point somewhere, unless it's just camera system (which can be disabled by shooting them out).

I do agree with Arcane that playing ponies let's us be more creative in circumnavigating the problems of trying to hold a sword. Anthro is cool, but by allowing hands, it short circuits one of the greatest assets of unicorns, which is their telekinetic ability. And how far in the future are we talking? Cause if we have giant robots capable of propelling themselves upwards, it'll make sense that there will be some sort of personal armor that has the same thruster system built in, allowing flight, negating the advantage of being a pegasus.

The idea of it being a potion/super soldier serum is interesting. That way, it allows both anthro and non-anthro characters, further allowing us to explore inter-group conflict for an different side rather than just a motley group of misfits from different factions bickering over ideological views.

And while I love the idea of siding with a Lunar Republic, Arcane brings up a valid point in that is sounds a little hypocritical of her to do that. Unless she chooses to strike Princess from her title and just goes "Call me Luna!". Or you can have her go back with her sister and invent a faction of discontent ponies looking to spread revolution. Maybe the Aristocracy became too snobby. Maybe what was supposed to be a trickle down system of economics got halted because the ponies up top were holding on to too many bits. Maybe one guy got it in his head that having representatives was better than a group of princesses ruling.

Or maybe Luna pitches a fit over a political decision. Celly declares days to last longer so ponies can get more work done. Luna dislikes it because it means less night for her but also appeals to the common ponies, who are now being forced to work longer days and rest in shorter nights.

I hope you don't get discouraged from these musings. I love the idea and would be willing to play. It also seems like we have a while yet before this gets off the ground so we have plenty of time to tinker with it.

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