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A Boundless Love (WIP)

This is my first MLP-FIM Fanfic. Not only that, but it is a Luna love story Dripping into her past a little and How her banishment effected her love Starlight.

It has been few weeks since Luna returned to rule with her sister. Luna stood out in the chilled night as the full moon shone brightly above her. Her mind was in the past, memories of her old friends. Morning Glory, A golden pegasus mare with a bright red mane and tail. Orion, Tall Slender Coal colored Unicorn stallion with a shining Blonde mane and tail. Highborn, a dark blue earth stallion with a fiery orange mane and tail. And Starlight, a slender tones unicorn stallion of a dark brown coat. His mane was of a lighter shade of brown than his coat. But standing out from all her friends was him. His tender kindness, he sweet words and his protectiveness would win over any mare but when he saw her for the first time.

Luna try to fight back the tears but she couldn't stop them. He had always had a crush on her and she knew it. As she had one for him as well. "Luna?" question Starlight in her mind before snapping out of her daydream of the past. She would turn slowly to see her sister walk out onto the balcony hearing her weeping sister.

"You alright my sister?" Princess Celestia spoke softly as she step out into the balcony with her. Luna slipped into her, letting out her sorrow. Celestia simple wrapped about her sister as she cry against her. "There, there dearest sister, everything will be alright..." Celestia gently nosed into her sister who return the nuzzle.

"I know but... A thousand years have passed and all my old friends have ...passed on....how can you live knowing all that you befriend will one day be gone....." Luna looked up with her puffy eyes as the tear rolled down her cheeks as her sister nosed and nuzzled gently.

"Cherish your memories of them and know that they watch over us all in the star above my dear Luna, I am sorry for sending you away, I wish i could have done things differently..."

"But... I left you no choice in the matter dear sister..."  Luna interrupted, and looked away towards the town below. The lights were slowly going out one by one as the day ended for most.  "I just wish I could bring all back to me to hold for one more night....to say goodbye to them all...." Luna said as she gently let go of her sister and walked quietly to her room as she just  wanted to be left alone now. Celestia stood watching and, letting her sister leave without another word. She looked up to the moon as Luna had did and closed her eyes letting a few sorrowed filled tear roll down her cheek. She Remember the day that force her to banished her own sister.

The castle that now lay in ruin in the Everfree forest once was a beautiful beacon of peace and hope for all pony kind. On that faithful day The forest and the castle burned with fighting.Nightmare Moon had amass her army and storm the castle. Unicorn and pegasus of both Luna's and Celestia's royal guard clashed in the courtyard. But it was Luna's friends that fought the hardest that night as Starlight galloped as fast as he could. He ran past wrestling guardsmen, making his way to the main hall which a dozen royal guards of both Luna's and Celestia's fought to assist their leader inside.

"ASIDE FOOLS!" Starlight called out charging as his horn glowed powerfully

Nightmare Moon clashed fiercely slashing with her magic to send Celestia flying into the wall, Celestia lower her hhead and fired a magical blast at her sister. The blast was absorbed into the darkness of her mane and only served to push Nightmare Moon back a few feet. "My dear sister, I always told you my magic was much more powerful, than your own." Nightmare Moon let out a evil laugh.

"Nightmare Moon, think about what your doing...." she pants and try to stand again but falls again in a shock of pain she neighs hurt from the blow against the wall. "Our world will fall into ruin without the sun...." Celestia pant staring down Nightmare Moon as nightmare moon lowers her head and grins evilly.

"My night will last forever and with those words I say goodbye de....." Nightmare Moon Jumps as the door to the room explodes with the two dozen guards fly outwards from the remains of the door. Starlight slid to a stop in his heartfelt call to Luna inside Nightmare Moon.

"LUNA!" echoed through the castle as for the moment shock Nightmare Moon to her very core Her redden hateful eyes soften to her blue-green eyes. Celestia panted battered and bruised gathered the Elements of harmony around her as Nightmare turned to face Starlight. His mane a mess a sheathed sword hang on his back his left leg cut and bleeding. His eyes darted about Nightmare Moon until he saw her eyes. "Luna return to me, return to the Unicorn that still loves you..." More hooves gallop towards the main hall.  Starlight watches as Luna looks back to the Celestia who by now has started to gather magic again for one last spell to finish the fight.

"Please my dearest sister, forgive me..." Luna shot a blast to Celestia but the gathering magic blocked her attack. The shocked Nightmare Moon stepped back. As Starlight charged Nightmare moon readying a spell of his own that would free Luna from her nightmare.

"With all my might, with all my magic, take this spark of mine, to free ones trapped! FOR LUNA I GIVE...." It was that moment that seem to slow down the powerful spell Celestia cast engulfed Nightmare Moon as she looked back to charging Starlight. But before Starlight could complete his spell a blinding flash interrupted him and sent him flying back crashing against the far wall. When Starlight awoke again he shook his head righting himself. His vision blurred from the blow to the head against the wall. a stream of blood oozed from a head wound dripping from his nose.  "Luna...." He manged Before his vision clear  and only saw Celestia. "Where is Luna, Where IS MY LUNA!"

Celestia looked up to the only place she could think of to keep her from harming another. Tears rolling down her cheeks as Starlight was filled with rage. His love taken from him right in front of his eyes. He limped over to Celestia as Orion, Highborn slid to a stop at the door way looking on the scene. Starlight drawing his sword and letting his magic lift it to strike down the fuel to his raging fires. "Starlight!" Highborn called out as Morning Glory flew in through the broken window. As Morning Glory look about the hall she noticed Starlight's rage filled eyes, and as Highborn and Orion charge to block Starlight in his overwhelming rage Celestia guard arrived. Orion, and Highborn turned to stop them as they push to enter.

"Hold your blades noble stallions!" Orion slash with his short sword held in his magical grip, stopping the trio of royal guards in their tracks.

"I maybe an earth pony but You will not get past me tonight" Highborn stomped the ground in a snort, before drawing his own blade holding it in his mouth.

Starlight drew closer to the crying Celestia as Morning Glory landed between him and her. "What are you doing Starlight...? Wheres Luna?"

Starlight tears rolled  his cheek as he spoke with such pain and spite towards Celestia. 'SHE TOOK HER AWAY FROM US! Blasted her with those stones!" He pointed the gather crackling stones. 'Now step aside Morning Glory, and allow ..." Morning Glory slapped Starlight across the face as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"And You of all ponies, would give into your hate so easily for one so gentle, so loving, and What of Luna? Would she want you to fall prey of hatred?! Will this lust for her blood bring back Luna?!" Starlight snapped from his rage and the blade dropped inches from Celestia. Starlight simply fell weeping for Luna that was taken from him.

"Why didn't you let me give my life for her!?" Starlight called out as lay crying and shaking. Morning Glory slowly lay about him wrapping her wing about her friend. Celestia open her mouth to thank Morning Glory, but silenced by a glare to end all glares. Morning Glory other wing open fully in a display, her eyes felt like a cold knives stabbing into her heart. Her eyes said all that needed to be said. Highborn, Orion both looked back as they sheathed their swords allow the guard through for it was that night that changed everything.

Starlight begged with Celestia to release Luna to allow him to give his spell the chance he wanted but with the power shift the element of harmony could not power such a spell ever again. Starlight Devoted his life on the art of magic that would break her free of Nightmare Moon. It wasn't until that fateful night when Starlight had gathered his magical might and his friends for one last magical spell before his life would draw to a close.

After five hundred years had past since Nightmare Moon banishment to the moon.  Luna's devoted and loyal friends gathered and stayed in a nestled fort in the mountains. Inside each stood around a glowing Starlight as he look to each of his friends.  His friends each floated into the air and started to glow.

"I, Morning Glory, of sound mind and body, bequeath my wings for thee spell..." the orange Pegasus with deep red mane watched as her wing crackled with magic before slowly vanishing into the spell. Morning Glory sighed and hung her head low as she stepped onto the floor once more. "I shall not miss thee..." she said with a tearful smile looking up at Starlight.

"I, Orion, of sound mind and body, bequeath thee my horn, and the magic within, for thee spell.." The Coal unicorn stallion with blonde mane. Spoke in a serious tone as his horn crackled with energy like Morning Glory's wing vanished into the spell. "I shall not miss thee for our friendship..." He stepped once more into the ground and stood proudly as Morning Glory gently nuzzled into Orion as the two looked to Starlight as he looked to the last friend.

"I, Highborn, of sound mind and body, bequeath my might and strength for thee spell.." the strong, sturdy blue stallion with orange mane took in a deep breath as his body started to crackle and shrink as his muscles and might drain from him leaving him a weaken po0ny his young and strength gone He look much older then he was. "I shall not miss thee ..." he weakly spoke as He stood again on the ground. He watched with a proud stared at Starlight. the magic crackled about them. Starlight finally spoke, Morning Glory stepped on a pressure plate to open the skylight. relieving the full moon.

"I, Starlight, of sound mind and body bequeath my life to the one i love so dear, Release my fair Luna from her nightmare that is Nightmare Moon. So that one day she may feel our touch once more, and our love for the one dearest to us. RELEASE LUNA FROM HER NIGHTMARE I BEQUEATH THEE MY POWER!!!" Starlight was engulfed in a blinding light as a blast shot out towards the moon. The fort is blasted to pieces leaving the four ponies, now earth ponies in the same room in the chilled night. Starlight crackled with energy still as he slowly floated down to the ground again. His heart slowing his vision blur as his last breath blew out. "I love thee Luna..."  He would lay in front of the other three Before his body became still.. Highborn open his eyes and looked about himself checking if everything was still there. As the three drew close to the still Starlight, Morning Glory started to weep heavily now, as Orion looked up to the moon with a single tear rolling down his cheek.

"Safe journey my friend, I hope this works.." Orion said before gently lifted Starlight quite form onto his back. The three slowly walked away from what they once called home to bury their friend.

"The longest day of the thousandth year the stars will aid in her escape..." 

Celestia stood at the balcony and wiped away her tears knowing who her dear sister wanted to hold again. "Luna could you ever forgive me..." whispered as she rose the sun for a new day

*  *  *  *

Luna sniffled as she stepped around the corner towards her room. Two guards snapped to attention and stared straight ahead. "Good evening, my princess!" each said in unison. Each were darker shades of colored compared to Celestia royal guard. One was a bat winged pegasus as the other a unicorn as Luna stepped to her door and it open slowly.

"Let no one enter my room, unless i say, I mean no one!" Luna snapped coldly to her guards in which they shivered at the coldness of her voice.

"As you wish my princess!" they both snapped back in unison as the doors closed leaving the Princess alone to rest from her sorrowful memories of her past.

*  *  *  *

"Luna that's not fair for thee to fly, while I chase thee..." Starlight panted catching up to the giggling Luna. Starlight gently stopped at the lake of the castle and sipped from its cool waters. Luna smiled watching him as she gently moved closer in the moonlight. His light tan coat glistened with sweat in the moonlight. Her wing gently folded closed, as she gently nestled close to him bring him from his drinking. He looked up and then to her her eyes dazzling him in the moonlight.

"Would thy lay with me here tonight to keep me warm and safe?" Luna softly spoke with a burning blush.

"My dearest Luna, I would protect you wherever you would lay until the end thee days. My heart belongs to you and only you..." he smiled warmly and blushed back to her, his eyes twinkled in the light as Luna Heart thundered inside her chest. He gently moved with her to a shielding bush and the paired lay happily as the sweet dreamed seem to lasted forever. Luna jumped awake to a sound in her room, A spark lite the room as another spark lite the rooms torches. Another snap and crackle closer this time. Luna frozen in fear, having never seen magic like this.

"Guards...." she barely spoke above a whisper as her throat felt tighten as another flashing of spark before a scroll poofed into existence. The sparks stopped, as the room fell silent for a while until their was a knock on her door from her guards.

"My Princess, are you alright, we heard noises in your room, do you need us to enter?" One of her guards called through the door.

"All is well my faithful knights, resume your duties and allow me to rest..." Luna commanded after clearing her throat. She eyed the scroll and blushed as it was sealed by a moon instead of the sun like her sister's. Gently and cautious touch the scroll and meep quietly as it opened and floated closer and glowed with a white aura that seem so familiar to her.

My dearest Luna,

I write you this because I am not long to live upon our world. for five hundred year I have faithfully stood waiting for your return and though thy heart is strong my body is growing old and weak. With My last spark of magic in me, Morning Glory, Orion, and Highborn, I shall cast an old and powerful spell that will one day allow me to Share my last night with you, My beloved Luna. In the scrolls they say the stars will aid in your escape, I didn't know what it meant until I studied further. Me and the other gathered at our home in the mountain and prepared the spell to aid you in your escape and Hopefully my spell will have freed you from the nightmarish Nightmare Moon.

Morning Glory's wings, Orion's horn, his magic, Highborn's strength, and I give my life to break you free of your nightmare. Even though I may not see my spell work, I will gladly give my life to be with you once more my beloved Luna.

Highborn, Morning Glory, Orion, and faithfully yours Starlight

Luna couldn't hold back her tears even if she tried and started to cry at her friends sacrificing what made them them just to hold her once more. Luna felt so alone until a voice spoke softly to her ear. "Be still my sweet Luna..." This soft voice whispered so gentle and soft. She wiped away her tears and as her vision clear her heart skipped a beat. As the crackling energy soften standing before her bed was Starlight glowing in a ghostly haze before he slowly became tangible.

"S....S...Star...Light..." Luna stuttered softly as her eyes water up badly as she pulled him into bed with her crying into his solid chest, hearing a heart beating inside. She felt his arm around her body again and she felt warm and safe like that night by the lake. "B B But how could..." His hoof gently silenced her as He placed it over her lips.

"Upon your return to Equestria I have been waiting all this time..."

"We all have!" Morning Glory hovered at the foot of her bed flapping her wing happily giggling as she landed on Highborn's strong back and Orion stood proud and smiled softly*

"It is good to see your smile again my princess." Orion smiled as each ghostly image of her friends bowed to her in bed with Starlight.

"Orion, Highborn, Morning Glory.... I miss you all so very much..." Luna cry holding Starlight as each float and nuzzled into Luna nestled in Starlight's arms.

"Our magic only will allow us a short time my princess, But I am glad I devoted my magic to see you again..." Orion smiled letting another tear roll down his cheek "And would do it again in a hoof beat." he slowly lifted away as Morning Glory smiled kissing Luna cheek.

"I wouldn't give up our friendship even if it meant not flying....Best friends for life" Morning Glory slowly lifted up to Orion and nuzzled into him watching as Highborn nosed longingly.

"Best friends for life Morning Glory." Luna chuckled softly as she cried heart broken that their time was so short.

"I, Highborn Give you my strength and courage my dear Luna to fight off the nightmare's for all that may come..."

"I, Orion give you my magic to stop all those that would dear threaten you.."

"I, Morning Glory give you my wings to fly as high as you can.."

"Until the end of thy days" they each said in unison before each turn into a sparkling jewel. Morning Glory a topaz with a slash of red color striped inside it. Orion a smoked diamond with a stripe of blonde running through it, and Highborn A brilliant blue sapphire with an orange stripe through it. Luna cry and lay herself in front of the jewels of her friends and Starlight lay beside her and his head over her neck.

"Goodbye my friends I will always remember you..." she heard each say goodbye before nothing was left but Starlight and her. His eyes wandering about the room, before looking to her again.  she nuzzled into his face lovingly and whimpered softly. "And will you vanish into a jewel like them...." she asked as Starlight gently nose her eyes upwards to see his face.

"I will not vanish yet, Nor will I ever vanish from your heart . I am yours now and forever my dearest Luna." He kissed upon her lips with a fiery passion that made her heart swell and melted as she closed her puffy eyes.

The Guards outside blushed as they heard through the door, passionate neighs from Luna. The Unicorn blushed deep as he shifted uncomfortable in his armor. He didn't look at the still calm pegasus mare beside him, but the mare watch him with a licking of her lips. As they both Knew what was going on inside, to them It was just another lonely night for the Princess.

Luna woke the in the middle of the day and panted as she looked about for Starlight, his scent heavy in the air. her bed a mess the three jewel sat atop her side counter next to her bed. Beside her friend's gems lay a golden lace necklace with a shining star jeweled as a pendent. "Oh Starlight I love you so very much..." she whispered to herself as her horn would glow. Lifting the necklace around her neck and stared down at it with a warm proud smile. She stood a bit woozy before blushing as she sniffed the air. She gently stepped down from her bed and cleaned herself up before walking to the door. "My Starlight..." she whispered softly with a warm grin.

"I will never vanish from your heart my dearest Luna, I am yours now and forever until the end of thy days" Luna smiled looking down to the pendent touching it with a smiling tear rolling down her cheek. When the doors Open Luna found her guards Lays nestled together having unable to fight the urge last night thanks to Luna. The stallion blinked waking and yawning quietly before looking over still groggy and then popped his neck a little before his eyes snapped open being caught with the other guard.  Luna smiled warmly holding her hoof to her lips shushing him quiet as the mare stirred slightly wanting the stallion warmth still. and walked out into a new day, Not sad anymore for her old friends that now watched over her in the gems she keeps and in the stars above.

Seven years later...

Deep inside the Everfree forest  A small filly unicorn with silken blue mane, a navyblue coat, and bright blue eyes, walked about flanked by a black unicorn with Luna's armor. The guard used his magic to clear the path for the little filly , in which she looked about a little lost. "Mother?!" She let a soothing heavenly call into the forest before coming upon a clearing. Luna peeked up from her small stack of books and gave a loving neigh to her daughter. Behind Luna stood a monument to her beloved friends. The stone craving showed two unicorns flanking an earth pony and a soaring pegasus behind the three. all set behind a crescent moon. At the base of the monument was a bronze plaque, in which it reads:

Here lays the resting place of four of the most beloved of friends to Luna.

Morning Glory the Kind

Orion the Noble

Highborn the Great

And beloved Starlight the Boundless

"Over here my Moonlight, come join me and let me tell you about your father, and why his love held no bound... even to time itself" Luna smiled looking up to the Unicorn on the right side of the formation. as the filly trotted up to her and nuzzled happily before siting beside her to listen. Luna open the book and smiled to find an image of Starlight and began to read aloud.

The End

Do tell me what you think and How to add to the story? ^^

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