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#1 2013-07-27 23:22:14

The Heroic Firepony

Chaotic Mishaps (OOC)

Ok so I was gonna attempt to use this role play system that Arcane brought to my attention.

The RP itself will take place In the Land Of Equestria durring the reign Of the Master Of Chaos (Discord)
and all the danger and mishaps that occur along the way.

To get better aquainted with the system Please reference this page (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kUV … L0YVyw/pub)

If interested Please Respond with your character sheet


#2 2013-08-07 13:46:16

The Heroic Firepony

Re: Chaotic Mishaps (OOC)


The Sky begins to change over the Peaceful Yet still quite small City of Canterlot. As the Youngest Alicorn Sister begins to raise the Moon to begin the Soft silent Night a Streak of green and red strikes the courtyard Causing all the flowers to turn to Mashed Potatoes. There stood the Draconequus, Discord. As the magic of chaos flowing all around began to cause unnatural changes, Canterlot castle began to shake under his power.

Suddenly the wooden doors flew open as two chocolate guards fly through the doorway and crush on the ground. The Sinister laugh that comes next is one that fills the younger princess with a fear of dread. As the Masterful Draconequus stretches out his hand to take hers he smiles an evil grin stretches across his entire face. "I see you two have done pretty well for yourselves but nothing a little redecorating couldn't handle." Discord said laughing as he snapped and the Tapestries all turned to flags with his glorious face upon them.

As the Youngest Alicorn sister looks around she can't believe that the creature her and her sister had once called a friend,she didn't know the true extent of his awful magic. "We Trusted you Discord And Now you Try To attack us!?" The Mare Yells using the Royal Canterlot voice that alerts her older Sister to the dangers going on elsewhere in the castle. “Now now Luna No need to yell We are friends after all. “Discord Said Ever So slyly and he holds out his Paw and kisses Luna’s Hoof. “OH That’s Right! You’re Both to high and Mighty to be my friend now!” He said with a devious laugh that shook the castles Very foundation.

Luna looked down in horror as her hooves suddenly take on the consistency of solid rock. “Attacking Us here in Canterlot is unwise Discord even for you!”  was the last thing she said as the rest of her body is engulfed forever incased in stone. “What was that dear? I didn’t Hear you over my own delicious Thoughts” But at that moment the oldest sister barged in finding her sister in a frozen state she was in shock. “Ah Finally Pretty Princess Celestia Joins the party. My Party!” Discord Said laughing as the castle Rumbles again.

“Discord I can not forgive you for what you have done to my sister!” Her voice booms as the glass throughout the hall shatters only to make Discord laugh as he turns each shard into a miniature blizzard and causes them to surround the princess causing her to be frozen in a special ice. “Well well This ends the reign of The Tyrannical Alicorn Sisters!” Discord laughed Heartily as he sits upon his new throne, the two statue before him disappear. “And so begins the Time Of…Chaos!”

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