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#1 2013-12-04 22:29:38

Arcane Flame
Arcane Trotter

badBIOS & Acoustic Hacking

So I saw this recently on NPR and Ars (Meet “badBIOS,” the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps) along with some skepticism.

So I was wondering since a few of you are a bit better informed with current devices than me what do you think about the claims?



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#2 2013-12-14 04:12:29

Best Pony

Re: badBIOS & Acoustic Hacking

I'm going to have to say it's pretty impossible.

BIOS is not a huge storage space, and for it to be able to hold everything to make this a feasible reality just doesn't seem realistic, at least not without sacrificing other bits.

BIOS is just what it says--your BASIC Input/Output system.  It's not some mega-advanced ultrasound-to-internet decoder.

Also, while it is possible to use your microphone and speakers as a modem (most of you are probably too young to remembers, but very old modems actually had you place your phone receiver on the modem, and communicated from the sound signals sent from the earpiece and sent to the mouthpiece), your sound system itself isn't really designed for it--it would likely take up a very noticeable footprint on your computer, and ambient noise would be a huge consideration.

Furthermore, Ruiu states that he noticed that packets were being sent from the infected computer when it had it's networking equipment removed.  This tells me right there that something is fishy--how was he able to monitor the flow of data when it was not using the network?  I'm sorry, but that's some bullshit right there.  Yes, it would be a possibility if it was configured as a modem device in the BIOS, but again, I'll discount that possibility until someone can actually replicate it.

I highly doubt this story, honestly.

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