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#1 2014-02-15 18:58:48

Arcane Flame
Arcane Trotter

S4:E13 Filli Vanilli

Soo... This episode. Personally, I wasn't a big fan of it mostly due to Pinkie Pie turned up to 11 and behaving in an almost cruel manner. I also thought it seemed to rely a bit too much on gimmicks for the jokes. It wasn't the worst episode but I'm just not a fan of it. Also despite all the call backs the mane six had never really heard Fluttershy sing?

Anyways images:


Fluttershy is a dick to bees. That's like an entire hive there! She should expect a summons from a Bee Lawyer.


Cranky and Matilda.


Is it me or does Pinkie have a evil grin here like she's plotting something?


The future proud parents of a Colt named Jazz Hands.


I like this Cutie Mark...


This frame is presented out of context.






Yeah... What was up with Pinkie in this episode?



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#2 2014-02-15 22:29:09

Luna Fan Club Member

Re: S4:E13 Filli Vanilli

Overall I thought it was a good episode. There were some bad parts though. The treatment of Pinkie in this episode really annoyed me. Yes Pinkie is random, but she's not an idiot. She would know better than to say those things to Fluttershy. This is a complete contrast to the Pinkie in Gilda the Brush Off who knew Fluttershy was the one pony you don't prank. But I loved the solution to the singing problem and I loved the music (although a little repetitive). All in all I'd give it a solid B rating.


#3 2014-02-16 01:42:29


Re: S4:E13 Filli Vanilli

I really have to agree, especially about Pinkie.  I've noticed that this Season Pinkie seems to be more annoying and obnoxious than random and free spirited like in Season One, and the way they force her new personality on us so much is one of this season's biggest problems, in my opinion.    Does she really have to scream everything she says?  I could count maybe two times in the whole episode where she was just talking normally instead of screaming and jabbering incessantly.  Pinkie was always a bit hyper, but this is a relatively new turn that we don't see so much in the earlier episodes.  And worse, this level of overkill hurts what are at times potentially very funny jokes or otherwise great scenes.  A couple examples from last season include in Crystal Empire when Rainbow Dash makes the remark about "Who doesn't love research papers"?.  That was a great bit of somewhat subtle humor and gets a laugh out of me when I hear it, but then I immediately cringe when Pinkie butts in and takes it way too far over the top.  Another is when Twilight appears with wings in MMC.  This is an important and deep moment in the series, and is treated as such at first until Pinkie appears and ruins any feeling of awe and reverence (though I must admit that Rainbow's comments don't exactly fit what I would have expected from such a moment either).  The writers used to be good at keeping her restrained and at just the right level.  I think it was Lauren Faust, or perhaps one of the other higher ups in the show, who said something along the lines of it being very easy to take a character like her too far and they had to work to make her fit in just right.  Well, they managed to keep her in a good zone for a long time, but now it feels like they've done just that.  It's turning her into something of a one note character, and one that I cringe at more than laugh at (although she did probably get my biggest laugh out of the episode with the "you sounded like a dude" line, but again, that was one of the rare instances when she wasn't talking like she was on uppers). 

OK, now that I've got my Pinkie rant off my chest, as for the rest of the episode, I overall consider it pretty meh.  Not one of the better episodes of the season.  The story wasn't that inspired and the whole theme of Fluttershy needing to come out of her shell has already been done much better in episodes like Hurricane Fluttershy and Dragonshy.  It didn't really have that many jokes that clicked with me.  However, the songs were nice to listen to and Fluttershy does have a nice voice, both as herself and Flutterguy.


#4 2014-02-16 04:57:22

Re: S4:E13 Filli Vanilli

Fun fact: if this episode felt like it should have aired sooner, you'd be right!
Amy Keating Rogers has been submitting this story outline since season 1 and 2, but it kept getting cut for time- but now we finally get it in season 4.

Overall, I'd say this was a pretty average episode for a pretty average season. Nothing has really knocked my socks off yet and we're officially more than half-way through.

Some neat news coming out of the NYC Toy Fair.


#5 2014-02-16 21:00:32


Re: S4:E13 Filli Vanilli

I rather liked this episode. As much as I hated Pinkie Pie, the music was nice and those scenes with Fluttershy dancing/performing were probably the cutest I've ever seen.



#6 2014-02-17 15:55:30


Re: S4:E13 Filli Vanilli

Pinky has been a bit off the wall this season, and I'm not going to go into whether some of that should be defended or not, what I will say is that I still really liked the episode.
The music has been stuck in my head since I heard it, and I am so amazingly glad that it wasn't another "Green isn't your Color" because, hey. the first five minutes really felt like it was going to be, right?
She's still Flutteryshy after all, and she's still shy, but she's working on it. And if the episode was originally written to be made seasons back, I can see why she'd still be working on it, but this was a good
step forward for Eepysqueak.
Oh, and anyone else want to know who those other two ponies in the quartet (quintet) were???


#7 2014-02-17 16:12:23

...I'd like to be a tree.

Re: S4:E13 Filli Vanilli

Still really like the episode even if pinkie just came off as mean or insensitive. The songs though...the ponytone song is probably my favorite of all mlp so far.

If Fluttershy falls in the woods does she make a sound?


#8 2014-02-18 07:49:18

Re: S4:E13 Filli Vanilli

Toe-Tapper (stallion) and Torch Song (chubby wubby pony waifu) are the other two singers in the Ponytones according to the script if anyone is curious.

Personally, I feel the Ponytones song was simply alright. Kind of disappointed a little to hear them use it as the montage music. And jeez oh man, Buttershy loves to shake her tail. Shake her tail because we're gonna have a party. Shake her tail. ...Shake her tail.


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