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#1 2014-12-24 16:10:01

Arcane Flame
Arcane Trotter

Christmas Cyber War


The (childish) "hacker" war that may decide whether console gamers can play online Christmas Day

So Lizard Squad has threatened to bring down Xbox Live and PSN on Christmas and The Finest Squad trying to counter them. It's an incredibly childish war (as seen in this interview here). If you want to see the battling botnets DDoSing each other (and possibly XBL & PSN) there should be a bump of activity on Christmas and probably viewable on Norse's IPViking Active Attack Map.

Personally, I recommend this music as a soundtrack:

(Polygon's article on Norse's IPViking... There was a better one ages ago on another site but I can't find it - Here's Facebook's massive DDoS attack on June 20th 2014.)



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