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#1 2015-01-17 19:01:05

neutral side-fliping transdimensional pony

thoughts about free to play mmo survival games?

i just saw another mmo survival game go up on steam, H1Z1 is the name and i believe is using the same engine as planetside2... you can currently buy in for early access or wait for it to go free to play(oh and the premium edition you get exclusive aviator hat crafting recipe... hats). i will be honest free to play mmo and survival i trust as far that i could throw the servers running the things. from what i have seen free to play survival games quickly become a competition to  see who can flip off the most people and do it the best... and micro transactions to empty your wallet faster then steam sale on a good day.

so i want to hear others thoughts on this after all i might be looking at it wrong.

giant mech battle is now reality, USA vs Japan. WE ARE GOING MECHA! *please someone make mecha ponies soon*


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