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#1 2015-03-14 19:54:52

ill overlord
Synthpop and Cyberpunk expert

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Ok while I was out sick I finally got to play and beat Hotline Miami 2. It was an amazing experience, the looks, the themes, and the glorious soundtrack! Hotline Miami 2 is everything a sequel and ending should be. It takes place mostly in 1991 but jumps around a lot from the 80's as well. The game overall feels more personal, psychological, and brutal. The maps are more bigger and open, there's a lot more enemies that are different, and it is WAY more harder than the last; not including the hard mode after you beat the game. The game also has 12 playable characters all with their own dark story. From now until I talk about the soundtrack I'll put up a SPOILERS/HIDE filter because I'm going to talk about story.

The game starts out with "midnight animal" a movie being made about the events of the first game. This scene is a little graphic for some because of sexual violence but they added a option at the start to turn that off if you want. Afterwards you are introduced to the fans, 4 people who idolized the protagonist from the first game Jacket. They play much like the original hotline miami with animal mask and going after gangs. After that chapter you play as Manny a crocked detective that kills freely using self defense and his badge as a pass. The third chapter is about Jake, a character you see from the first game same as another character you play as richter. You also play as a writer named Evan, in his missions he doesn't kill anyone unless you execute them, instead you knock them out. you also play as a russian mob member and in the later game his boss, son of the last game's mob boss. finally you play as Nicklas or beard during a US/ USSR war where you also see who Jacket was before the first game.

The soundtrack is more amazing than the last. Bands like Carpenter Brut, Light Club, Mega Drive, M.O.O.N, and more this is still the best ost
overall I give it 8/10
its good but its very hard



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