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#1 2015-04-10 01:02:03

PB Trotter

rpb3000/Cap'n Berreh Medical Update Thread

Hey all, I haven't posted here in along time but I thought you guys might wanna know about this:

TrotCon wrote:

Wednesday night we learned that Cap’n Berreh aka Johnathan Telin and rpb3000, a co-founder and core staff member of TrotCon since our first year in 2012, was rushed to the hospital after suffering a seizure. We have since learned that he has a tumor in his brain and will require surgery to remove it early next week. He is currently in good spirits but it is unclear at this time if the tumor is benign or malignant.

If you’ve been to TrotCon the past few years, chances are you’ve seen or even met him, whether it was in our game room, around the con or behind the scenes helping plan our musician lineup, a role he is continuing this year as our musician liaison.

Please keep our friend in your thoughts and feel free to email trot@trotcon.net with any questions.

We have created a Gofundme account for John during this time to assist with his bills back home. If you're able to give any during this trying time, we would appreciate it so much and know that he does, too.

And here is my post from the actual GoFundMe Page:

My best friend Johnathan Telin / Cap'n Berry / rpb3000  is in the hospital after he had a seizure on the evening of April 7th. They did a CT Scan and found out he has a brain tumor. After he was moved to a better hospital for NeuroScience they did an MRI and found out it is a lemon sized tumor in his left frontal lobe.

More results have come back from the MRI and the vast majority of the tumor is 90% solid mass. Its currently unknown if its benign or malignant. They just know it has been growing slowly and steadily for many many years and may have possibly been with him his whole life.

They are doing another MRI tonight (April 9th) to see if they can find out more. He will be having a surgery on Monday April 13th for blocking the primary blood vessel that has been feeding the tumor. Then on Tuesday the 14th they will be taking out the 90% of the solid mass of the tumor.

We are making this gofundme not to help pay for his medical bills, but to help him with his regular bills. He is going to be out of work for a long while after this surgery.  Anything you can donate will be much appreciated by him.

I will update this thread when I know more after his surgeries. But for now he is doing fine and being his usual silly self.


#2 2015-04-13 15:26:00

PB Trotter

Re: rpb3000/Cap'n Berreh Medical Update Thread

Update #1: He had the surgery to remove the blood vessels feeding the tumor today (April 13th) and they were able to get all of them that were. He is doing fine right now.


#3 2015-10-08 12:44:15

Seapony Tears and Provolone

Re: rpb3000/Cap'n Berreh Medical Update Thread



#4 2015-10-09 09:24:05

Blank Flank
Best Background Brony

Re: rpb3000/Cap'n Berreh Medical Update Thread

Oh, dear Luna, he has transcended his human shell and become a killing, science-loving robot.

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