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#1 2015-06-03 21:50:52

Arcane Flame
Arcane Trotter

Rock Band 4: The Great Sense of Ennui of our Times

I just wanted to point our Polygon's preview article of Rock Band 4 which is truly the greatest preview article for a game ever:

Colin Campbell wrote:

"Look, sometimes in this job you gotta cover games you don't really give a stuff about. I played some Guitar Hero ten years ago and I thought it was kinda stupid. ... All video games are stupid, of course. That whole thing of, 'you're not really shooting terrorists or winning the World Cup, you're just pressing buttons' is patronizing and simplistic but every now and again you come across a game that has so little emotional connection to who you are that you end up standing there, gazing at the screen and saying "I'm just pressing buttons and my life has no meaning," to a slightly bemused PR person."

~Polygon: Rock Band 4 is doing a lot of the fun things you want it to do

Everyone board the Ennui Train!



"Magicam operare non est aliud quam maritare mundum."  ~Pico della Mirandola, Conclusiones Magicae


#2 2015-06-06 00:06:31

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Re: Rock Band 4: The Great Sense of Ennui of our Times

At least he admits to his life sucking...

Can't wait for RB4 btw. This might be the game that makes me get an XBone finally... maybe...


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