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ipad 2 leather cases rules that

<P>Drs note for work I read an article recently, though, that employers aren't required to comply with restrictions and protect your job under normal pregnancy. There have been several lawsuits of pregnant ladies being fired because they couldn't do their jobs. <a href="http://www.cellphonecasesale.com/ipad-cases-c-34/"><B>ipad leather cases</B></a> They sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act. And the Courts have all ruled that pregnancy is not a disability per the Act and not a protected condition except with certain complications and lifting, standing, etc. are not them. It was totally scarey because they can fire for not being able to do your job or force you out on early leave.
<P>I hope your note works though many employers are nicer <a href="http://www.cellphonecasesale.com/ipad-cases-c-34/"><B>ipad leather covers</B></a> than this OR don't realize this.
<P>Here's an article about the <a href="http://www.cellphonecasesale.com/ipad-cases-c-34/"><B>ipad 2 leather cases</B></a> rules that apply:They cannot treat someone pregnant differently than another worker per the Civil Rights Act, but they don't have to treat someone with a normal pregnancy specially, either. </P>

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