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#1 2015-10-01 09:39:46


Valentino Shoes through choice

<P>Being generous on a curve: If could be your first date, that ride you really needed from point "a" to point "b" that as a woman you just can't seem to get, or that moment he flinches when he has the opportunity to do something nice yet instead chooses to freeze up or do nothing of substance. For centuries men have had a generosity curve in which entails how nice they'll be or how far they will go to get a woman they believe they have a chance with. It may seem like a good solution to seeing what exactly a person is interested in. Men today however, have lowered and lowered the curve in the name of being down right mean as if stinginess is the ultimate turnon. Men use to start out at "B" level kindest but now have begun their hunt for a woman on "D" levels or lower. For example while an "A" would be excessive kindest that would break the bank, a "B" level would be simple yet compassionate and can include anything from a spontaneous meal to that ride home she didn't quite anticipate.
<P><STRONG>http://www.valentinorockstudsale.com/ </STRONG></P>So why am I single? By choice. Feminism has liberated women to feel entitled as evident by your post. We live in a society that teaches girls to have high standards, to express here freedom <B><a href="http://www.valentinorockstudsale.com/">Valentino Shoes</a></B> through choice and sexual promiscuity, and keep here guy in line with sass and matriarchal oversight. All the while, boys are being socialized to be nice, to be gentle, and subdue those masculine traits as if they were a curse (the easier to be cowed). Subsequently, I have noticed that the tables have been turned on gender roles, not set to equal.
<P>Most modern women seem to expect their man to be accountable and agreeable, and if anything less is afforded, punishment ensues [sex, deny the sex]. How often do you hear about women being sent to the dog house or restricted to the couch at night? When was the last time you were chastised for leaving the toilet seat down? That becomes his life. Go to work, do what the wife asks, watch a little TV and hope she doesn't have a headache again tonight. Though this depiction I have provided is not typical of every union, I have seen enough to know it is a risk the risk of unhappiness, only abated by divorce, child support, alimony, and stigma; the same risk that has doubled the population of single men since the 1960's in this country.</P>
<P>It is easy to dismiss my argument as the <B><a href="http://www.valentinorockstudsale.com/">Valentino Rockstud Shoes</a></B> rants of a jaded misogynist, and continue blaming/shaming men into submission to fulfill social agendas Just the same as right wing conservatives deny global warming to further special interest groups in the petroleum industry. </P>


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