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balenciaga part time chic global tastemakers

<P>A Fashion Focused Hotel When W Hotel opened its doors in 1998 in NYC it recognized a demographic of <a href="http://www.lhbon.com/balenciaga-part-time-c-3_7/"><B>balenciaga part time</B></a> chic global tastemakers that were looking for a unique boutique hotel experience. Individuals seeking a balance between style and substance in their own lives and in the destinations they choose. W Hotel captured this persona through its strong fashion presence incorporated into all aspects of the property. Along with the new look, a new campaign was also introduced at the W Hotel's Launch Party appropriately named "Rhythm Reveal" with passions points; "Design, Music and Fashion" that continue to define The W Hotel as an iconic, contemporary luxury property with a modern edge.
<P>The fashion component was organized as an intimate tour to some of New Orleans most inimitable fashion treasures that included both designers and boutiques. Acting <a href="http://www.lhbon.com/balenciaga-c-3/"><B>Balenciaga</B></a> as tour guide to the visiting dignitaries was Tracee Dundas, Fashion Week New Orleans Creative Director. Using her southern charm and fashion knowledge she was instrumental in entertaining the group and sharing with them some of New Orleans hidden fashion gems. The group <a href="http://www.lhbon.com/balenciaga-c-3/"><B>balenciaga handbag</B></a>visited the studios of jewelry designer Nancy Rhett, fashion design duo Sarah Dewey and Jolie Bensen. Boutiques visited were Vernon Clothier and Haute, both significant supporters of southern based designers such as Isavel, Ottilie Brodmann and Stephanie Young (Fashion Week New Orleans '12 Top Design Winner) and renowned hat millinery Fleur de Paris.
<P>This Fashion Track Tour was <a href="http://www.lhbon.com/balenciaga-c-3/"><B>balenciaga bags outlet</B></a>successful in giving an inside view of the evolving fashion movement happening in New Orleans and how W Hotel French Quarter is at the forefront of supporting the local <a href="http://www.lhbon.com/balenciaga-work-c-3_11/"><B>balenciaga work bag</B></a> fashion community.
<P>New Orleans Fashion News Examiner New Orleans Fashion Stylist Tracee Dundas is a freelance stylist, blogger, contributing editor for New Orleans Magazine and fashion event producer. She is the gotogal of all things fashionable in New Orleans. Hosting a <a href="http://www.lhbon.com/balenciaga-city-c-3_4/"><B>balenciaga city bag</B></a>weekly fashion styling segment "Fashion Friday" on WVUE Fox8, gives her an opportunity to share the lastest trends, styling tips and DIY ideas. Tracee reports on designers and retailers, and the comings and goings of what's haute (and not) in the Gulf Coast region. Her styling expertise is continually called upon by nationally known clients such as Essence Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Payless Shoes, and Tribal Catalog; as well as styling for films, commercials and music videos. Stay fashionably informed <a href="http://www.lhbon.com/balenciaga-purses-c-3_12/"><B>balenciaga purses</B></a> by subscribing to her Examiner column. </P>


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