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Valentino Shoes romances

<P>Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe Amanda Seyfried of soontobereleased Red Riding Hood fame has admitted to a relationship with actor Ryan Phillippe. It seems the two are in fact a couple.</P>
<P>According to a report from Popeater, Seyfried appears on <STRONG>http://www.valentinoshoesa.com/ </STRONG>the April cover of Elle magazine. It is within those pages that she divulges her involvement with Phillippe.</P>
<P>Amanda Seyfriend and Ryan Phillippe met at a Halloween party that was hosted by Kate Hudson. Since then their friendship bloomed into romance and you know.</P>
<P>It so romantic to watch new love bloom, and that is very clearly the case with Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe. In addition to being sweet on one another, they are a very attractive couple as well.</P>
<P>What do you think of the romance between Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe? She has, after all, been linked to a couple of recent celebrity <STRONG><a href="http://www.valentinoshoesa.com/">Valentino Shoes</a></STRONG> romances that went south, including one with Dominic Cooper and Alexander Skarsgard. Will her romance with Phillippe endure the perils of stardom?</P>
<P>Alas, the two are young, so romance needn be a prerequisite for a lifetime commitment. In the meantime the two will likely enjoy the limelight and all the celebrity events that accompany stardom. As to whether they keep going home together at the end of <STRONG><a href="http://www.valentinoshoesa.com/">Valentino Shoes On Sale</a></STRONG> each bash or not? Who knows?</P>


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