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#1 2015-11-28 19:18:33

I'm a little spaz... get used to it.

Not really a new user...

But hi, I'm Aiden. I'm one of the admins here. I typically lurk instead of post, but I've had about 3 cups of coffee today and need to do... something. So hi.


#2 2015-12-02 21:14:32

neutral side-fliping transdimensional pony

Re: Not really a new user...

many of us are lurking, sideways sometimes lurks. also hello and welcome we have PONIES ponies everywhere

Last edited by SidewaysV2 (2015-12-02 21:15:14)

giant mech battle is now reality, USA vs Japan. WE ARE GOING MECHA! *please someone make mecha ponies soon*


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