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#1 2016-04-05 21:44:56


Qatar in their final FIFA outing

Saudi Arabia arch second-placed Affiliated Arab Emirates by three on credibility and appetite aberration in Accumulation A, and both are acclimatized to exhausted agnate visitors Malaysia and Palestine. The Blooming Falcons, for whom Saeed Al-Owairan denticulate arguably one of the greatest goals in Apple Cup history at the RFK Amphitheater in Washington, will about be out to outscore the UAE and bigger assure top atom afore the Persian Gulf rivals affray in Abu Dhabi.It is a agnate book in Accumulation B. Australia and Jordan, who are two credibility off the pace, aboveboard off in Sydney on the final day. First, however, they acquire to abstain stumbles at home to Tajikistan and Bangladesh, respectively.

China may be three credibility abaft Hong Kong in Accumulation C, but they acquire accuracy for optimism in the chase to accomplishment as runners-up. The Korea/Japan 2002 participants acquire a bold in hand, a aloft appetite difference, and host a Maldives ancillary they baffled 3-0 away, while their rivals arrangement free-scoring Qatar in their final outing. The Chinese blot the Qataris on the complete matchday.Oman may abandoned be three credibility abaft Accumulation D leaders Iran, whom they still acquire to play, but their awfully inferior appetite aberration agency they in actuality crave an absurd Indian favour in Tehran. The Reds, for their part, blot Guam in Muscat.

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#2 2016-04-06 02:26:31


Re: Qatar in their final FIFA outing

If the US had any integrity it would boycott the FIFA cup and tell Qatar to kiss our ass.  Their human rights record is abhorrent and that world cup stadium was built with slave labor.


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