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#1 2016-05-31 20:45:21


Stone Sculpture floor

Speaking of Stone Sculpture floor, many users may not know much about it. In fact, it is already popular in Europe. Also known as Stone Sculpture Stone Sculpture floor tiles, a classification belonging PVC flooring, Stone Sculpture floor PVC sheet refers specifically to the floor. Stone Sculpture floor can be divided into the same heart through the sheet, multi-layer composite sheet, the same heart through half the sheet.

Is a high-quality, high-tech research and development of a new type of surface decoration materials, the use of natural marble powder constitute a solid base layer of high-density, high-fiber network structure, surface covered with wear-resistant polymer PVC wear layer, through the one hundred processing procedures. Product lines lifelike in appearance, super wear-resistant, bright surface without sliding, exemplary twenty-first century high-tech new material! Stone Sculpture fake wood floor for boats floor PVC floor belongs to a category known PVC floor is divided into coils and sheets, Stone Sculpture floor that is specifically refers to sheet. From the structure is divided into the same heart through the sheet, multi-layer composite sheet, the same heart through half the sheet; strip into a square timber and timber from the shape.

1, high elasticity and superior impact resistance: Stone Sculpture floor soft texture so good flexibility, under the impact of heavy objects have a good elastic recovery, the foot feeling comfortable being called privacy fencing wood prices flooring soft gold, while Stone plastic floor has a strong impact resistance to heavy impact damage has a strong elastic recovery, will not cause damage. After an excellent Stone Sculpture floor to maximize the reduction in the face of harm to human body, and can spread the impact of the foot, the latest research data shows that the flow of people in a larger space pavement excellent Stone Sculpture floor, its staff fall and injury rate than other floor decreased by almost 70%.thin and light: Stone Sculpture floor is only 2-3mm thickness, weight per square meter only 2-3KG, 10% lack of common ground materials. In high-rise buildings and space for building body bearing savings, with an unparalleled advantage. At the same time it has a special advantage in the transformation of old buildings.

2, super wear: Stone Sculpture floor surface layer of special high-tech processing transparent wear layer, the wear revolution up to 300,000 rpm. In the more traditional ground material wear-resistant laminate flooring wear revolution only 13,000 turn, good laminate flooring is also just 20,000 rpm. Super wear-resistant surface layer of specially treated to ensure the wear-resistant layer sufficiently excellent wear resistance, the non slip flooring for bathrooms floor surface of the floor Dansu according to different thickness of the material under normal circumstances can be used 5--10 years, and the thickness of the wear layer Stone Sculpture floor directly determines the quality of life, standard test results show that the wear layer surface 0.55mm thick can be used more than 5 years under normal circumstances, 0.7mm thick wear layer is sufficient ground for more than 10 years, so it is super wear-resistant. Because it has superior wear resistance, so the larger flow of people in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transport and other places, Stone Sculpture floor has been gaining popularity.

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