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Peanut Bucker is best pony.

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#1 2017-10-20 11:06:40

Blank Flank
Best Background Brony

Fate/Grand Order

Yo, any other weebs on here playing this glorious gacha trap that feeds on the desire to have historical figure whap each other with anything and everything under the sun?

I am Cody Snow, the Weeb in the North, Lord of House Zazas, Founder of the Dirty Roads, Keeper of Quotes, Seducer of Epsi, The Fallen Perfection, Master of Suicide, Builder of Pyramids, Thrower of Bois, He Who Boofs, Bane of Poose, Father of the Sect of Waha, Praiser of Adam Taurus #SquadGoalz


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