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Arcane Flame
Arcane Trotter

[Trot] New Beginnings and Victory


Nestled on a river bend near the Everfree Forest and the gates of Tartarus, lies the small town of Trotton. It was originally founded more than a thousand years ago by the pegasus Commander Trotsiphone the Brave in a strategic location close to the Gates of Tartarus to monitor them and if need be serve as a base of operations from which to defend the rest of Equestria.

Not far from the Trotton town hall, one can find a large statue of Commander Trotsiphone the Brave in armor staring perpetually in the direction of the gates. Commander Trotsiphone also had a small fortification built just outside the town surrounding it with a moat drawn from a river running near the town. At the center of the fortification there was built a tall iron turret from which Commander Trotsiphone the Brave personally stood watch by both day and many a sleepless night.

In the era of the Royal Sisters the town began to lose its importance as Celestia placed Cerberus as guardian of the Gate of Tartarus.  Following the Nightmare Moon incident the town came to be on the border of the cursed Everfree Forest. These dangers discouraged much further settlement of the town and when Ponyville grew due to the Zap Apple crop, a significant number of ponies left Trotton for Ponyville.

Also near Trotton is a spring called Hippocrene, which is renowned as a place of inspiration. Pony lore tells the tale that when the first pegasus descended from the skies, he landed there and struck his hooves at the ground and water came gushing out of the very earth filled with the power to inspire. Much later the pegasus poet Knowing Keats famously composed his 'Ode to a Nightingale' at the spring.

In the Modern era, Trotton mostly caters to the few brave tourists who come to look at the gates of Tartarus, see the Hippocrene spring, and/or appreciate the towns history as an important Classical Era site.

The small fortification that Trotsiphone the Brave established was overtime taken up by the nobility as the seat of a minor baronage and a lot of the outlying structures were demolished and the fortress itself renovated into Trotton maneor which still possesses its iconic tall iron tower. Despite the renovations, Trotton maneor has frequently been left vacant being mostly used to justify a subsidiary title traded around the nobility. The current holder of the title of Baron of Trotton is the Earl of Hoofington, Nocturnal Flame, who has occasionally sent servants to maintain Trotton Maneor but has never visited himself to common knowledge.

As with much of the rest of Equestria Trotton is preparing a victory festival to celebrate the defeat of the Changelings and to celebrate Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's wedding. A vast array of booth have been set up in the empty field across the river from the town. The area is filled with tents and booths with all manner of merchants hawking their wares, food, beverages, performers, and games are all set about the area. The field is abuzz with the sound of music and merriment.



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Arcane Flame
Arcane Trotter

Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

Sugar Grape glided as gracefully as a dove over the capitol of Canterlot, below her the many white buildings of the city sparkled like jewels as they were hit by the soft beams of Celestia's rising sun... well, at least the ones that were still intact sparkled like jewels. Various patches of the great city were in ruins and balefire scorch marks were peppered liberally around the city. The recent changeling invasion had left a few great paths of destruction throughout the city none more so than the royal guard camps, facilities, and headquarters which were among the first targets of the surprise attack. Despite the damage there were very few casualties, thank Celestia, since the changelings were planning to feed off the life energies of the ponies of the city and one could not exactly feed that well off the life energies of a corpse. Sugar Grape shuddered as she thought of what might have happened had the changelings not been repulsed – everypony under perpetual mind control and being used as food supplies for the vampiric changelings. Still the changelings were repulsed and life was beginning to return to normal.

The feeling of the cold morning air blowing through her purple mane was exhilarating and brought her back to the present moment, the white pegasus hardly flew over Canterlot that often but when she did fly over the city she savored every moment. Banking hard she turned towards the luscious and familiar green of the common of Canterlot University Campus and then quickly went into a dive to deftly avoid a gray and golden blur that Sugar had noticed hurtling towards her at the very last second. Beating her wings forcefully, Sugar was able to recover and come to a gentle landing on the common green. As Sugar wiped the sweat from her brow she thanked Celestia for her scholarly ways, for while she had been a weak flier in her youth, the years of flying around with saddlebags loaded full of heavy books and scrolls had given her wings the workout needed to strengthen them enough so that she could handle herself in the air decently now - as long as her saddlebags were not excessively loaded down.

Sugar's mind was however loaded down with thoughts of her sister. Lunar Shine had been spending too much time partying all night with Pinkie Pie and Berry Punch lately. Just last night she had gotten excessively drunk, put on a crown made out of cider bottles, mounted the Ponyville town statue of Princess Celestia, and slurred out the notes of Octavia's 'Flight of the Pegasi' over and over again until she passed out. She did nothing but get drunk and party. Fortunately, Lyra Heartstrings had told Sugar last night that a mutual friend was looking for an assistant, maybe a job away from Ponyville would straighten her sister out after last nights stunt their parents were vowing to no longer support and house her so it was her last chance.


Arcane Flame stared out the window of his advanced studies student villa on the campus of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns raked with chills and covered with cold sweat. The Nightmares had ridden into his mind again last night. Those horrible Nightmares! Full of fire and ice and rage. The marching of hooves, cracked armors, Canterlot in flames, a maniacal cackling blue ram, gem eyed ponies, a bizarre city which looked absolutely wrong in every single way, a horde of soldiers of a dizzying array of species on the march, the darkness, and the bell - The terrible bell! - ringing out the same four beat pattern over and over again. Da-da-da-Ding! .... Da-da-da-Ding! ... Da-da-da-Ding! ... Da-da-da-Ding! ... Da-da-da-Ding! ...

The same four beat pattern that he had heard in his initiation into the Flame family mysteries and when he had gotten his flame cutie mark. Looking back on the experience, Arcane wondered if he was the only one in his line stretching back to the Monocerovingian Kings who had ever heard the four beat pattern when beholding the vastness of All in the flaming spark of pure magic? Only yesterday had Princess Celestia summoned him and tasked him with investigating reports of anomalous bursts of magical energy and rumors of the sightings of odd ponies and some disappearances from Trotton, a small backwater town near the Everfree Forest and the gates of Tartarus, (The Flame family possessed an old maneor house in town so that would be a small comfort). A previous magical researcher sent to the town had gotten a reading of one of the energy bursts and sent the readings to Celestia's school before he too disappeared. The Kicker: the magical signal displayed that four beat pattern.

It was ether that Nightmare lately or another one involving a cloaked dark blue unicorn with glowing dragon-like turquoise eyes holding up an amulet made of a weird kind of sapphire blue metal and launching into a rambling speech: "The brightness of the sun shall fade as the green Mercury is revealed, and horror shall seize the beholders. The armored one shall change his shield. The helmet of Mars shall call Venus. The Helmet of Mars shall be lost in shadow; and the rage of Mercury presses him into her bonds. True Venus shall unbound Mars and send Mercury away. Then shall the blue Aries bring forth his horns from the Darkness. The malignity of the stars which fell down as rain shall consume the flame. Great clashes! The chariot of the moon shall cause disorder! The seas rise up in the twinkling of an eye! Dreadful blasts slaying ponykind with a crooked sickle! Those in the heavens will burst into tears. None of these will return to the duty expected of them. Heaven will shut its door and be hidden within its enclosing cloud banks. The sound of wailing reaches the stars!"

The cloaked figure then levitated before him a sword made of the same strange metal and said:

"A sword keen, true.
Without stain, without dust,
Without smear, without flaw,
Without grime, without rust.
Composed of the darkest star!"

Arcane tried to calm himself by just attributing the dreams to nightmares related to the recent changeling invasion. Probably some post traumatic stress after being attacked by a horrific creature and coated in sticky goo. It took hours for the lime green unicorn to wash the stink of the goo off and even then Arcane still didn't feel clean. Yes, probably just the stress of the past few days.

The lime green unicorn's thoughts were interrupted as his amber eyes caught a graceful white pegasus descending quickly towards the nearby Canterlot University's Campus. Even if she was a distance away Arcane recognized Sugar Grape immediately. Sugar was one of the few pegasi Arcane respected since to him she was so unlike so many of her tribe: She was great intellect and had more than a dash of common sense. If he managed to get some free time he would have to attend Sugar's guest lecture on lost and legendary civilizations and species with a special bit on those Human creatures his old friend Lyra had fancied. Ah Lyra, if only she wasn't only attracted to mares...

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and Arcane opened it to see a wall-eyed gray pegasus with a golden mane. 'Oh good, just what I needed... An especially dumb looking pegasus!' he thought. Arcane began to open his mouth to speak when the gray mare deftly pulled out a letter out of her saddlebags and joyfully squealed, "I brought you a letter!!!"

Arcane took the letter into his hooves and looked at it. Oh, speak of the Chaotic One!, it was from Lyra Heartstrings.

"...And a muffin!!!", the gray mare joyfully chirped.

Arcane looked up from the letter and to his confusion the gray mare was indeed holding a muffin in her outstretched hoof.

"Uhhh... Thanks... I think.", Arcane stammered as he took the muffin.

The gray mare just smiled and then flew off. "Well that was certainly... odd...", Arcane mumbled to himself as he sat the muffin on a table and opened the letter. Arcane smiled as he read the note, it looked like he found the assistant he had been looking for after all. If Sugar Grape's sister was anything like Sugar herself her help might be invaluable especially with this new royal assignment.


Lunar Shine woke up in a richly decorated but still somewhat spartan room with heavy redish brown stone walls, all around her were bottles of cider and Wild Pegasus Whiskey. Upon her head was a stetson cowpony hat and a banana was wedged in an unmentionable place.

"Ugggghhha.... Where am I?, the dark gray pegasus said to nopony as she awoke, "Uhhhggghhh... I feel like I was put into a rock crusher and left for days to die slowly and painfully half crushed... and why do I have a banana... ?"

Shine deftly removed the banana and set it by a nearby fruit bowl. Shine looked around and upon seeing some full bottles of Wild Pegasus Whiskey grabbed them mumbling, "Oh well, hair of the Diamond Dog that bit ya...", and began to drink.

Drunkenly Lunar Shine gazed upon a portrait labeled 'Nocturnal Flame, Earl of Hoofington' and smiled at the image of the very dark purple unicorn stallion with a gray mane and pale amber eyes. He looked a lot like that nice stallion who had occasionally visited her mother and gave Shine lots of candy and toys when she was a filly. That stallion however had a mustache and always wore a cloak...  Such a nice stallion...

Almost an hour later the main door opened and Arcane Flame stepped into the main hall to find Lunar Shine drinking and badly singing 'The Whiskey Song'.

"What in the name of Celestia is going on here!?", Arcane yelled, "You were suppose to meet me at the center of town and instead I find you drunk and destroying the estate!!!"

"Oh liyghen up ya soggy sogger sons!", Lunar Shine slurred, "I ant thut drank! I eeze justa havn ew ane grannnd teee parta! Boot dare waz noe tee soo eeats a wheeskey partaeeee!!!"

Arcane Flame buried his face in his hoof. Lyra had said that Lunar Shine had a tiny problem with alcohol and some behavior but this... This mare was obviously twigged. If this wasn't a favor for Lyra he would have fired Lunar Shine immediately. Oh well, time to improvise.

"Oh Ms. Dusk?", Arcane called out to the gray Pegasus with a purple mane who was hitched to the sky chariot which had brought him here since his small airship was damaged in the changeling attack, "I know you were planning to head back to our estate in Hoofington, but I'm having a bit of an issue here with Ms. Shine. Could you please go sober her up, clean her, and put her in some house livery so that she at least looks presentable when we attend the local victory festival in a few hours before you leave? Although, it's beneath my rank I'll clean up this mess here so it does not besmirch the family honor. It's not like I haven't done this before, Celestia only allows her advanced studies students to have one 'Assistant' and I've been fending for myself since Ms. Misty Moors left to start a new job in Hoofington."

"Yes, my lord", Glorious Dusk said as she unhitched herself from the sky chariot and trotted inside. Dusk stopped in her tracks upon spotting Lunar Shine.

"Wellcccooomm tew da parta!", Shine slurred.

"Oh... dear.", Dusk sighed and trotted over helping Lunar Shine walk as they staggered over to Lunar Shine's quarters.

As Dusk and Shine disappeared down the hall, Arcane sighed and spotted a banana lying on a table. It had been a long journey and it looked like he wasn't going to get a meal anytime soon so might as well have a snack. Arcane took up the banana in his magic and peeled it before bringing it to his mouth and began to eat the banana.

"LEAPING LOVELY LUNA!!!!", Arcane cursed loudly as he spat out the banana, "What the buck is wrong with this banana?!!!"


Some whole phrases and a lot of inspiration in Arcane's prophetic nightmares are taken from The Prophecies of Merlin and a Scottish Chant said during rituals surrounding St. Michael's Feast.

Also be aware that I may screw with expectations during the forthcoming adventure thread that some of my stuff is setting up in a couple weeks.

Also I'm counting Owloysius as a pet instead of a true assistant - if that rule gets broken in canon let's say the Celestia just told Arcane Flame that so he didn't have servants doing almost all his work while he sat on his lazy ass.

I established long ago when I first came up with the character that Arcane was an Aristopony and I've made Arcane Flame the 'Baron of Trotton' by courtesy title. Feel free to blow off the pompous ahole as I get the sense that in Modern Equestria he would have little in the way of actual power and besides he isn't even a Substantive Title for him - at worst he'll write an angry letter which his father will probably ignore. Trotton Maneor should be open for anyone to freely visit and it doubles as a pretty sturdy fortress given the structures history. If people don't want this at all I can change things around.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

A lone stallion trots through an unknown forest partaking in the crisp, clean air the trees had so graciously gifted to weary travelers like him. His name was Victory Star, and he was a Pegasus on a mission. He had spent a vast majority of his life on the road, in seach of somepony very close to his heart, and fatigue had sank it's fangs deep into his back today. Starving, all Victory had to his name was the traditional armor of a Royal Canterlot Page. Nothing special. The traditional wing guards and silk cape. Something he stole as a child. He hadn't known better back then.

Just before dying of thurst, Victory stumbles upon a small stream. He quickly dunks his face in and greedily swallows as much as his stomach can carry.
As he continues his journey, the sounds of a festival echo in the distance.
Victory's face lit up intensely.
In that moment of loneliness, he allowed a thought to accidentally slip past the borders of his mind. As he stared at the   distant lights, the word had already wrestled it's way into his mouth. «Oo0›
"Ponies..." He muttered to nopony.

"Life is a comedy for those who think, and a tragedy for those who feel."


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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

Pandamento slowly opened his eyes to the glaring beams of the midday sun. Laying in his hammock he has a view of the sky and the tops of trees slowly blowing in the spring air. He slowly raises a hoof to his head and starts rubbing his temple while letting out a sigh. "I really am a glutton for punishment" he says non-Chantilly to himself, remembering how he spent last night celebrating the Royal Wedding with a bottle of champagne. He tries to put the bits and pieces of memories together, he vaguely remembers dancing with a tree and taking a swim in the river. He dreads getting up but he knows if he doesn't get up now he would stay in his hammock all day and miss the festival.

Disregarding the more practical but more time consuming way of slowly sitting up and hopping out of his hammock, Pandamento takes the more direct approach and flips over the side of the hammock. He lands on the ground with a dull thud and then with a high ping as an empty champagne bottle bounces off his head. He rubs his head as he slowly gets himself off the ground. He slowly gathers his few worldly possessions and breaks down his hammock. He uses the two bamboo poles and cloth sling to make a bindle to hold his stuff. He rests the bindle across his shoulder and slowly trots off toward the fairground.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

OOC: Well her I go, my first journey into FFRP

Lilac Iris was setting up her booth in the Trotton festival grounds. She had arrived the day before from her gardens near Manehatten. Since she had left her family's perfume business to work in the flower gardens they got their supplies from she had come up from an apprentice to a full share partner, recently becoming majority shareholder.

Normally she had other ponies that would make the deliveries for her, but with wedding and victory celebrations happening all over Equestria they were doing more business then they had ever thought possible. It had taken all of her knowledge of Botany and all the unicorn magic she could hire to get the plants to grow quick enough to fill all the orders.

That is what had brought the purple coated earth pony to Trotton. The Mayor of Trotton had placed a rather large order for the celebration and she decided to deliver them personally. Lilac Iris had made her delivery at the town square and now these plants she had put so much love and care into were hanging all over the festival grounds for everypony to enjoy, Now it was time to set up her booth on the festival grounds.

She finished up putting the booth together and began laying out the bouquets she had arranged before leaving. She had flowers of every type and bouquets of every size, from a single rose with small white flowers to a heart made from over 5 dozen pink lilies . Her business sense told her that in this wedding celebration there would be more then a few stallions and mares caught up in the moment and buying flowers for their sweetheart.

Once she had finished arranging them to her desires she took a small pile of dark pink Lilacs she had set over to the side and walked over to the river. She looked at her reflection to help her weave the small flowers into her dark purple mane. Partway through she stopped and simply stared at herself in the water. She saw slight bags under her eyes and she noticed that the stripe in her mane seems to be getting grayer. The hard work of running the gardens was taking a huge toll on her, and she spent every free moment studying in the Library or examining plants in her experimental gardens, where she was working to create new and better varieties.

What bothered her most was not her appearance, but that there was nopony standing next to her. She had expanded the business since she had become a partner and it had left her with enough bits to live comfortably, but she knew she couldn't just stop, it just wasn't her. Sure she loved her job and being able to spend her days around flowers, but she still longed for the companionship of another pony. Not just one of the employees, but someone who not only shared her passions but who would be there to share a meal with or cuddle during a rainstorm. For Celestia's sake she had had the entire journey to talk to the stallions pulling her wagons, but instead she had simply fussed over her flowers, hardly exchanging a dozen words with them.

She sighed and finished weaving the Lilacs into her mane, the townsponies would be arriving at the festival soon and she would need to be at her booth.She being walking back to the booth and as she got closer she saw and smelled her handiwork, and it helped to put a smile on her face Maybe she would sell out early and be able to have some fun and enjoy more of the festival and the town.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

With whatever energy he could muster, Victory sprinted towards the nearby commotion, his hooves racing the gentle breeze.

As he felt the soothing tugs and pulls of his muscles, momentum began to build near his rear. SO CLOSE!

The resistance caught up to him, and ultimately crashed down upon the little fight Victory had left. There he lay, exhausted, like a great steaming locomotive at rest.

He needed food. Badly.
Eventually, the rest granted him asdylum, and provided the energy needed to make it into town. As he approached the center of town, a sweet sent wafted his way. His stomach cursed and fought in immediate response.
Victory approaches the stand. «O^0›

"Life is a comedy for those who think, and a tragedy for those who feel."


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Arcane Flame
Arcane Trotter

Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

Meanwhile at Trotton Maneor:

"Ms. Dusk, is Ms. Shine ready yet?" Arcane Flame barked as he trotted into Shine's quarters annoyed at the time it was taking to sober up Lunar Shine.

"I'm sorry my lord", Dusk Returned trying to sound chipper,  "but she has consumed great quantities of alcohol and these things take time."

"Nonsense!", Arcane declared as he trotted over to Lunar Shine, "At Celestia's School, a number of the younger students would go out on cider binges and then use a 'Purge' spell on one another to clear their systems of the alcohol... I've never used it before but I think I remember it from reading it a while ago. Stand aside!"

Dusk stood aside as Arcane approached the woozy Shine with his horn emanating a brilliant silver glow. As Arcane touched his horn to Shine's forehead she was briefly engulfed in a terrifying silver flash. Moments later there was a loud 'CRACK!!!' as Arcane's horn sent sparks in all directions and Arcane's amber eyes rolled back in his head as he lost consciousness and collapsed. Shine's entire head turned a brilliant green and a mighty stream of vomit exploded from her mouth onto the now very unconscious Arcane Flame before she too collapsed into a heap.

Glorious Dusk just stood there staring at the scene with wide eyes before just uttering 'oh... dear'.


Lunar Shine found herself in a ruined castle staring at her sister, the refined and oh so graceful, Sugar Grape.

"Ha!", Grape shouted in her rich measured voice, "We all knew you'd just fail again! You couldn't even handle showing up to meet someone! Yet again you've shown just how useless and pathetic you truly are!"

Grape then started laughing loudly albeit in a graceful way.

"But! But!", Shine whimpered as she collapsed to the ground in tears, "There was whiskey... and besides destiny, I have no choice.... you know how I got my Cutie Mar..."

Suddenly, there was a crack and a flash! Lunar Shine looked up with teary eyes and saw that her sister had been replaced by a weird and monstrous blue plant. It's main stem bulged and then burst. From the plant's gaping wound A white unicorn mare with a black and red striped mane garishly dressed in an archaic aristopony outfit with a spear leapt forth with brilliant red eyes locked on Lunar Shine.

"That's all wrong!", The unicorn declared loudly to the shocked looking Shine, "You have been deceived!"

A chilling cackling laugh rose up as blue tendrils erupted from the demonic blue plant and began darting towards the mysterious white unicorn.

"Listen: You can do better!" The unicorn shouted trying in vain to avoid the tendrils, "This is not your true destiny! Remember this place! And stay with him for he is your..."

The white mare was unable to finish her declaration as tendrils enveloped her entire body and gagged the unicorn. Swiftly the struggling unicorn was lifted into the air and brought to the flower top of the gigantic blue plant. The flower turned into a hideous maw and devoured the unicorn in a single gulp as another chilling cackle filled the air.

Shine blinked her eyes and instead of the demonic plant she saw Sugar Grape continuing to laugh and taunt her about her many failures.


OOC: Did a roll on a D20 to see how bad Arcane would fail at the 'Purge Spell' (had several options of what would happen to him and got a '1'. The most likely outcome would have been him being comically covered in vomit and leaving in a huff saying that 'if anyone needs me, I shall be in the bath for a few hours'. But chance apparently hates him so his horn is pretty much burnt out until the next day and in real time it will take a few days before he would be back at full strength - assuming this is morning he should be awake again by sometime in the afternoon. Oh well gave a quick opportunity to drop into Shine's head - the white unicorn mare is kind of the embodiment of her cutie mark which was able to come out since the over powered and chaotic purge briefly disrupted the Poison Joke's curse.

Poor Dusk, she'll be cleaning up and trying to move those two unconscious louts.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory


It hadn't been much more than a week after the Royal Wedding, but it still seemed like a month to Free Form. He had reluctantly attended the wedding with his parents, who were formally invited by Princess Celestia herself. Of course, with all of their contributions to the Royal Archives and Library, it went without question that they would be invited along with him. They had all been there with a front row seat to the chaotic invasion of the changelings, the struggle to escape their wrath and lust for love fueled energy. His parents were in no short supply of such energy and were one of numerous couples that had been targeted. Free Form had done his best to defend them, but...

Free Form shook his head and sighed. His parents were fine. There was no point dwelling on the "what if..." scenario. In fact, it was stressing him out even more than his work already was. His parents were traumatized by the incident and ultimately missed the real wedding. Free Form wasn't terribly disappointed since he didn't care either way for that sort of thing, but his parents were devastated. They were stricken both physically and emotionally due to the attack and their subsequent forced absence from the monumental event. Free Form felt horrible, and took it upon himself to see them home and care for them as long as he could. The few days that he had looked over them were draining. Neither of them had the capacity to operate outside of basic functions, which left him to care for them extensively.

Thankfully, after only a couple of days, they were showing some signs of self-reliance. Not a moment too soon either. Just as Free Form had started to settle down and catch up on some much needed rest, he was summoned back to Canterlot by Princess Celestia.

"An archivist's work is never done..." Free Form sighed inwardly. He took some solace in the fact that his parents were okay at least, if not still emotionally scarred.

Snapping out of his moment of reflection, Free Form focused on the Royal Order that sat on his desk. This was serious business before him. It wasn't anything terribly abnormal, since he had been relocated numerous times in the past for the sake of chronicling and archiving every nook and cranny of Equestria. There was something about this letter, though. Normally something like this would have the seal of Canterlot University on it directing him to whichever corner of Equestria that his services might be demanded in. The Royal Seal would only be an afterthought in those cases; normally, the seal would just decorate the bottom corner of the mandate reminding him that it was still officially sanctioned by the Princess... This, though... This had the Royal Seal emblazoned all over it. This was something drastically important.

Free Form read and reread the Order over and over. It was as plain as any other order, but it still just seemed so odd that it was from the Princess and not the University...

"To the order of Senior Archivist Free Form:

It is by my decree that the current Senior Archivist, Free Form, take momentary residence within the humble town of Trotton in order to observe and record their celebration of Victory over the Changeling Horde and the joining of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor of the Royal Guard.

As with other members of the Archiving and Census branch of Canterlot University, you will be tasked with observing and recording this particular town. I request that you take note of the important members of the community there and document their roles. I also request that you observe all major events ranging from, but not limited to weather schedules, festivals and celebrations, and potential catastrophes. Please record all subsequent results, community reactions, and impact on Equestria as a whole.

As my most entrusted Archivist, you have been tasked with the most difficult of towns. Due to Trotton's proximity to the Gates of Tartarus, it is a dangerous section of Equestria for any number of ponies to reside. Because of this strange notion of honor and stubborn pride, I also wish for you to observe Trotton for an indefinite amount of time after their celebration. While you are a scholar at heart, I have taken note of your tenacity and ferocious spirit while defending your parents and I have faith that you are more than capable of handling your own in such a risky portion of Equestria.

I entrust you to fulfill your duties, Free Form, and hope to hear from you as scheduled.

- Princess Celestia"

Most orders from the University, while worded slightly different, usually looked exactly like this. The air surrounding the words on this scroll, though... They carried an odd weight. They were troubling and foreboding. It unsettled Free Form quite a bit, but work was work, and he had no choice but to fulfill his duty.

Grabbing the scroll from his desk, Free Form dunked his face into his saddle bag and tucked away the Royal Order along with several other important articles he would need for this trip. It was likely that the Princess had already set up a place for him to reside in Trotton, seeing as how he would be there for an indefinite amount of time, so he saw that anything more than a few personal books and some extra parchment was unnecessary.

As Free Form trotted toward the door to his room, he took one last look at the space behind him. It was a cluttered mess of paper and books, but it was his home away from home. He was going to miss it. Free Form sighed and stepped through the door before closing it. He had a chariot to catch.

"All major events... And potential catastrophes," A lump formed in Free Form's throat. Something just didn't feel right about this...


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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

OOC: Engage Giant Text Wall

Lilac Iris returned to her booth on the festival grounds, there were just a few other ponies milling about, and most of them she recognized as ones who had set up the dozen or so other so other stands and booths that  dotted the grounds. She guessed they were all locals since they all seemed to know each other, and also because there didn't seem to be too much competition between their wares. There were breads and cheeses, fruits and vegetables, toys and trinkets, paintings and pastels, games of both skill and chance, a little bit of everything that one could expect at a celebration of this type.

When she had first seen all the other booths being set up she had been a little edgy, but was able to breath a sigh of relief when she saw that none of the others were selling flowers in a major quantity. There were a few small bouquets at a stand selling pies, but they were nothing compared to the quality and variety Lilac Iris had brought with her. Also at the fruit stand she saw flowers there, but the way they were presented she could tell they were for eating and not displaying.

As she made a few minor adjustments to her layout, she heard a horn blow, and she saw they the other ponies had gotten excited looks of their faces and began trotting in the direction of the bridge that separated the festival grounds from Troton proper.

“Probably the festival commencment,” Lilac said to herself and turned towards her flowers, “Don't worry, I'll be back soon, don't go anywhere.” With that she smiled softly at them, and then turn and began trotting after the other ponies.

She arrived at the Town Square just as The Mayor was taking her place behind a podium that had been set up on the steps of Town Hall.

“Mare and Gentlecolts, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all the the this wondrous occasion. For not only are we celebrating the marriage of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor of the Equestrian Royal Guard, but also the victory over the Changeling Queen and her hoards!”

With that the crowd let out a grand cheer and stomped their hooves, and as they began to settle back down the Mayor continued telling the story of the battle, telling of the brave acts of a few Troton citizens who had been in Canterlot for the Royal Wedding, but Lilac Iris wasn't paying too close of attention, instead she was looking at the decorations in the Sqaure. There were the usual streamers and ribbons and balloons, and among them were the flowers that she had delivered, adding just the right touch and leaving a sweet scent throughout the area.

She continued gazing about her as the mayor told the townponies the how the Elements of Harmony, those 6 friends from Ponyville, and many others had bravely fought on even after Princess Celestia herself was wounded and captured by the Changlings. Lilic Iris's eyes finally settles on the statue of Trotsiphone the Brave, She was a handsome Mare Lilac had to admit, and around her neck a wreath had been placed. It had been a special request made by the mayor that it be made, and Lilac had spent hours in the Manehatten Library researching the life of Trotsiphone. While most ponies just like flowers because of their scents and visual appeal, Lilac knew that every flower had it's meaning, and she wanted the wreath to not only look good, but be reflective of the Mare the Pegasus commander had been...

As she looked at the wreath on the statue she knew she had made the right choices. Purple Heliotropes  for her devotion to watching the Gates of Tartarus, and Canterbury Bells for the Townponies eternal gratitude to her. Both of these were then intertwined with Ivy and small oak leafs, for Trotsiphone's  dependance, endurance and strength. Lilac had made the wreath personally, instead of having other workers from the gardens make them like most of the Troton decorations. It had taken her almost an entire day, since after reading his story, Lilac Iris wanted to make sure that she paid the proper respects to the Pegasus Commander who had done so much for Equestria, even if many ponies didn't remember her.

The Purple Earth Pony was brought back to reality when the crowd let out yet another grand cheer, and Lilac saw that the Mayor was stepping down from the podium, the commencement must be over, and so Lilac Iris began back to her booth. She wanted to make sure that she was there before anypony came by to purchase a bouquet. Not even a minute after she made it back to the Festival grounds she saw the other saleponies returning to their booths, and directly behind them was what appeared to be the rest of the town.  Lilac ran a hoof over her mane,

“Here we go Lilac, and remember, sell all your flowers and we can get some time to enjoy the rest of the festival, get some good food, and maybe even relax for the first time since we started recieving orders for wedding celebrations.”

As the townsponies got closer she saw a few breaking off from the crowd and moving towards her,one of them a white pegasus who looked like he had seen better days.

OOC: All flower meaning were taking from The great god Wikipedia

And sorry to Victory Star if I placed your Character in a place you don't think he should be, figured if you were approaching the stand from the center of town you would be coming from that direction. I left the decription vauge enough that you can put yourself somewhere else if you want and I will make the white Pegasus someone else, probably a minor NPC.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

Victory Star blankly stared at the stunningly arranged  flowers in front of him. His stomach growls loudly, when he realizes he's been noticed by a purple earth pony near the booth. Suddenly, the reality of the situation hits him.
He can't eat these... clearly this pony put alot of heart into making the colorful symphony that lied only several paces before him.
He stood frozen, like a deer before a car, without clear reasoning.
Ponies didn't normally eat flowers anymore... Now that baked goods and hay were readily available, the crisp taste of a flower was only known to travelers. He double checks his location. He's at a festival. There were plenty of foodstands. What could have possibly drew him to the flowers over, say, a funnel cake?
Victory stood, confused, in front of the flowers. So many flowers. Finally, in his confusion, words manged to spout out again...
"Nice Flowers! Very pretty!"

Ooc: I try to make Vicky compatible with just about anything, although this was what I was going for. Even if it wasn't, I was probably going to react anyway. Ov0
I rolled for his reaction. It was a six, so it was well behaved.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

OOC: This takes place before Lilac_Iris's last post

Trotton Maneor

Glorious Dusk with a grunt hefted the unconscious Arcane Flame into Lunar Shine's bed next to the equally unconscious Lunar Shine. She had cleaned them both up as best she could and was now tucking in the two unconscious ponies with the hope that they would awake soon. As a servant of a very magical family she had seen severe horn burn outs and collateral damage before and knew that there was pretty much nothing that could be done except making the two ponies comfortable until they returned to consciousness.

Suddenly there was the sound of a bell indicating that someone was at the door. Dusk quickly tucked in the two ponies and the pegasus mare trotted trough the reddish-brown stone lined halls to the great hall and finally the main entrance itself. Opening the door she found a smiling older slender green Earth Pony Mare with a gray mane and an older brown pegasus stallion also with a grey mane. The stallion was wearing what looked like very archaic set of pegasi armor from the pre-classical and early classical eras like Commander Hurricane might have worn but with a emblem showing a hydra instead of a lightning bolt.

"Greetings!", The mare said cheerfully, "I am Mayor Summers Bloom of Trotton and this is Cuffs, Captain of the Trotton Town Guard! On behalf of the citizens of Trotton, I would like to formally welcome the Baron to our town and extend an invitation for him to come to our town celebration for the Royal Wedding and the defeat of the Changeling Invaders."

"I'm very sorry", Dusk returned, "But his lordship is currently... ill. He maybe able to attend later this afternoon."

"That's too bad", the Mayor said with a frown, "I also wanted to know, given that Trotton Maneor is now occupied, if citizens and visitors will still be welcome to freely visit and use the facilities such as the maneor library with all of its rare and historical works."

"An' Ma'am", Cuffs said with a drawl, "I'd like to know if y'all intend to let the guards... well the guards are just me right now but that's nether here nor there. But if ya would kindly allow us to keep using the facilities and if the maneor will be open as a refuge in case of a crisis?"

"Yes on all counts.", Dusk said confidently, "His lordship, the Earl of Hoofington, has to my knowledge made no changes to the agreements with the town of Trotton regarding the estate. All are welcome to freely visit and use the facilities of Trotton Maneor."

"I think the Flame family again for their Kindness.", the mayor said, "and I hope the Baron feels well soon".

With that the Mayor and the Captain of the Guard trotted off towards the town and the festival.

The Mayor and Guard are NPCs and usable by anyone.

The Hydra is because Tisiphone had a Hydra that she set to guard the gates so let's say that Trotsiphone raised a baby hydra and had it as a pet which she set to guard the gate in her time - obviously that hydra is probably long dead now.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

Lilac Iris thought of how well things were going so far, and the townponies had walked over had clamored over her beautiful bouquets, and it wasn't long until a half dozen or so average size bouquets had been sold when she noticed that the unkempt white pegasus was still standing just a few paces from the her booth.

While helping with the other customers she would glance over at him, and she would see him with his head tilted as if deep in thought and his eyes moving from one stand to another, but always coming back to Lilac Iris and her flowers.

She noticed that the pegasus was wearing some very interesting armor, she felt like she had seen it once or twice before, but she couldn't pin down where it would have been. The purple earth pony also noticed that none of the local ponies seemed to know him by the questioning looks they were giving him.

“Nice Flowers! Very Pretty!”  The white Pegasus said

Lilac Iris stared at the other pony for a long moment, it had been the first words that she had heard him say since he walked over. She hadn't known what to expect, and his sudden speech had caught her off guard.

“Oh...well thank you... I always try to do my best when it comes to flowers, it's my special talent after all.''

As she focused more attention on the pegasus she saw that now only was he unkempt, but he was also skinnier  then anypony had business being. She spoke again

“Oh! You must be starving!” she dug into her saddlebag, and grabbed out five bits, throwing them to the white pony “Here, go buy yourself something to eat, you must be staving!”

She knew she was here to make some money and spread her business, but five bits wasn't too much, and beside, that poor pony looked so hungry, she couldn't just stand by.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

The silence Victory imagined at this moment was dead and eerie. He couldn't even remember speaking. The words just... happened. Like a car accident you didn't  start.
Victory now felt immediately akward. He had no idea who this mare was, or what she did for a living... he was stunned. Motionless for a good 14 seconds.
"Oh... well thank you... I always try to do my best when it comes to flowers, it's my special talent after all."
Victory noticed the mare suddenly staring him down.

Oh Celestia... She's judging me.  The first time you meet anypony in two months, and you scare her away with your akward blurt-outs...

"Oh! You must be starving!"
How did she...?
Suddenly Victory realizes his  weight had dropped significantly from the norm.
She mutters something else and throughs coins in his general direction.

Oo0 "w-wait! I'm not a bum! I mean, I don't have money at the moment but..." Victory approaches the mare further.
"Please let me earn it!"

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

As she tossed the coins, Lilac Iris saw the white Pegasus's eyes go wide.

“w-wait! I'm not a bum! I mean I don't have any money at the moment but....”

He began to approach her booth, and instinctively Lilac Iris grabbed the flower arrangements nearest to the unkempt stallion and moved them out of immediate harm's way. She didn't know anything about him and the last thing she wanted was for him to hurt her precious bouquets.

As the white Pegasus got closer, she saw a look of almost pleading enter into his eyes and he said,

“Please let me earn it!”

The volume of his speech set Lilac on her back hooves and looking around to see if anypony else had reacted, some had looked towards the Stallion though they didn't seem to make any move beyond that, waiting to see what happened before they did anything to disrupt the festival. Lilac stayed ready to move if the situation called for it, but she saw him make no move further towards her. He seems to be sincere, and Lilac Iris could respect anypony who wanted to work and not just accept a handout.

Still..... she couldn't just trust him, she had no idea who this pegasus was, or even his name for that matter. Lilac Iris decided on something he could do that even if he wasn't being honest wouldn't hurt anything. She reached under the counter of the booth and pulled out a watering can.

“Of course.... could you down down to the river and fill this up for me, I need to refill some of the vases so my flowers don't begin to wilt. My name is Lilac Iris by the way.”

Why had she said her name? She had no idea who this strange pony was, but he was working for her now, even if temporarily. Besides, what harm could come from knowing her name?

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

“Of course.... could you down down to the river and fill this up for me, I need to refill some of the vases so my flowers don't begin to wilt. My name is Lilac Iris by the way."

"Victory... Victory Star! ...My name... I mean you don't have to call me Victory Star, but... If you call be Victory it's a noun, not a verb so... "


Victory's voice trailed off at his own social oddity.
Life lesson #1: Talk to strangers. (It's good to practice social interaction.)
Victory noticed the mare was weary of him. A few heads had also turned from the everyday tasks they performed, in case he proved dangerous.
Victory sulked, and a grown released itself from his core. He snatched up the watering can and galloped to the river, mumbling to himself. "Great, 2 minutes into society and everypony thinks I'm dangerous ..."


(Roll 1: bad)
((Cm bonus: luck *second roll*))
Percived as:
Victory dunked the tarnished old can into the cool stream. As it swept past the fish and algae, the can had scraped a gash in the bottom.
"Oh no. Please no! They already hate me! C'mon!"

Victory plugs the hole with his hooves, then after much walking, releases the flow above Lilac's garden stand.
The odd shape of the scrape allows for a higher range and mist percentage of moisture relised. All of the flowers are simultaneously hydrated.
Wiping sweat from his brow, Vic sighs. "There..."

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

It took Pandmento longer then expected to drag himself to the fairgrounds in his current state. It  trotting down the aisles of stands and booths before one caught his eye. It was a simple booth with a plethora of cheap wooden instruments laid out.

"Anything In particular you are looking for sonny?" the oldish store pony inquired.

"Well I was hoping to see if you would happen be selling any Kazoos?"  he asked while looking over a pan flute.

"Well. . no I don't t'sink so. Why would you be wanting a Kazoo anywho?"

"A wise m-. . pony once told me that it is always useful to have a Kazoo on you"

He sets the Pan Flute down and goes off to look for a stand with some food.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

OOC: This takes place before/during Lilac's second post, which would be the commencement ceremony.

Free Form sighed again as he stepped from the chariot and glanced around. He had requested for the Pegasi Royal Guards that were pulling his chariot to stop just shy of the town as to avoid any unnecessary attention. The quiet stallion wasn't particularly anti-social, but he wasn't fond of dramatic entrances or an overabundance of attention either. Free Form had spied most of Trotton from above as he approached and had decided that landing in the middle of the town, at the manor, or within the market and festival area would have definitely garnered this unwanted attention.

Looking back to the Royal Guard, Free Form nodded quickly and gave them their permission to leave, "Please make sure that the Archives and Princess Celestia know I have arrived safely."

The Pegasi nodded in understanding and flew off with an empty chariot in stow. Free Form watched as they disappeared somewhere over the Everfree Forest and in the general direction of Canterlot.

Free Form took another look around and noticed Trotton Manor rising above him on a hill off to his left and separate from the town of Trotton. The scholarly stallion had never really visited Trotton before, but was well aware of the town's history. As such, he knew of Trotton Manor's strange history and that it had its own personal library. Whether it was open or not was an issue he might have to figure out, though. It might be entirely dependent on whether the mayor of Trotton had any control over it, or if the baron was even around to give the final say on who could and couldn't enter. That didn't matter much at the moment, though, as Free Form had arrived with just enough time to make it to the commencement ceremony. He'd look into the manor later.

As Free Form began to trot along the path leading into Trotton, he noted that the market and festival area was off to his right and separated from the town by a moderately sized stream. That was likely where he needed to make his first stop. Taking note of important ponies in this town could wait until later, or even until he stopped by the Manor. For now, he needed to head for the commencement ceremony and chronicle it for the Archives.


OOC: I will be taking control of Firecracker Burst in this RP. Assume her personality is the same as the Tumblr, as I will be using it for this. Also, this intro post is based somewhat on a question I was asked on the Tumblr that I plan on answering soon in case anyone wonders about this immense amount of renown I'm suddenly giving her.

Firecracker Burst looked over her horde of fireworks that she had piled up a short distance from the festival grounds. The closest tents were a couple hundred feet away, but still close enough for her to see the goings on of the festival. She had decided to skip out on the boring old commencement ceremony in order to prepare for the fireworks show that had been planned for the end of the celebration. Besides, she was well-known in some parts of Equestria and had managed to snag a job working the fireworks show for the Royal Wedding itself. So, there as no need for her to involve herself in yet another celebration.

Of course, Burst was there for the chaos that had ensued during the Changeling invasion and had managed to fend for herself. Boy, was that some crazy party! Thankfully, she had been able to spare her supply of fireworks that were needed for the celebration with the only casualties being the saddlebag full she had used specifically to shoot at the Changelings in order to defend herself and her stash. Other ponies may not have thought to fend themselves with anything other than their bare hooves, but this clever pyrotechnic pony knew that the best method was the one she knew inside and out. Nothing stopped a Changeling its tracks faster than an array of Bottle Rockets and Equestrian Candles. Firecracker Burst grinned smugly at the thought as she recalled the glorious wall of color that had acted as her defense for a solid twenty minutes. It was enough to give her the upper hand and finish off the stragglers herself.

Once that commotion had died down, though, Burst had managed to attend the real wedding. It was kind of a drag after her run in with the Changelings, but she appreciated it for what it was. It was cute anyways. The real fun was the reception, though. She had prepared the remaining stash of fireworks for the special show well ahead of time so that they would be ready for when Princess Cadence and Shining Armor took their leave. That gave her enough time to enjoy the excitement of the reception. It still didn't compare to setting off the fireworks afterward, though. Nothing ever tops the excitement of launching missiles of beautiful color and sound into the sky. This array was by far the most special she had ever done too. She kept it simple, but powerful. An assortment of whites, blues, and pinks that formed a stunning bouquet of color that was topped off with a special creation of hers. She liked to call it the "Love Rocket" since it formed an extravagant heart upon explosion.

That's why Firecracker Burst was so giddy and vigilant about this particular stash of fireworks. They were the leftovers from Canterlot, and she wanted to put on a show that was as close to the original as possible. She even had a couple of her Love Rockets to spare. And, needless to say, she didn't particularly trust most of the ponies in Trotton. It wasn't because she was a stranger to this town. Oh no, it was quite the opposite. Trotton was her home town and she knew them all too well. In fact, Burst knew a few mischievous colts that would likely be hunting for her stash. Thankfully, it was out in the open enough that anypony might see them in time to catch them. That wasn't really going to prevent her from dropping her guard and leave any time soon, though.

That was all well and good in any case. She had celebrated once before, and this particular celebration was even more boring than the one in Canterlot. So, Firecracker Burst decided to bide her time until the real show began...


OOC: Continuation of previous Free Form section.

Thankfully Free Form's trek through the middle of Trotton was unimpeded as nearly all of the ponies in town were at the festival grounds or the Town Square for the commencement. He had managed to arrive to a large crowd standing around Town Hall and not a moment too soon either. Just as he stopped at the back of the crowd, the mayor began to speak:

“Mares and Gentlecolts, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all the the this wondrous occasion. For not only are we celebrating the marriage of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor of the Equestrian Royal Guard, but also the victory over the Changeling Queen and her hoards!”

Free Form looked around as the townsfolk cheered in excitement. He wasn't particularly thrilled to be at yet another celebration for the Royal Wedding, especially considering the experience he had with the original, but withheld his cynicism and faked as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

Once the cheering had died down, the mayor continued on with a speech describing the invasion and acts of bravery by a few citizens of Trotton who had happened to be there. Free Form listened for a moment, if not for the sake of business, but quickly found himself losing interest around the time the mayor moved on from the description of one pony's heroic stand using a stash of fireworks to the battle of the wielders of the Elements of Harmony.

Free Form grunted to himself at the mention of them. He had nothing against those six, heroic mares, but they had caused him an undue amount of work over the past year. Ever since they defeated Nightmare Moon, he had been pulling a lot of overtime covering their more extraordinary feats. One case even had him travel all the way to the outer reaches of Equestria to a small pioneer village known as Appaloosa. Not a bad little town, but seeing as Free Form was there on business he hardly had a chance to enjoy any of it.

As Free Form exited his little reverie, he noted that the mayor was still talking about them and decided to let his attention wander over towards the magnificent statue of Trotsiphone. She looked glorious in the late morning light. The wreath of flowers around her neck was an extremely nice touch as well. They really added to her beauty and his admiration of her. Really, if not for her, Free Form likely wouldn't even care for this little town. She was about the only Pegasus in all of Equestria that he gave two bits about. Her accolades were nothing short of astounding, and as the original guard for the Gates of Tartarus she had obviously been the source of many a tale. A lot of what Free Form had encountered of her had been mostly tales of exaggerated heroism and falsifications made by her critics in order to stain her good name, but he knew of the real tales. There were scrolls and books in the Archives that told of her real acts of bravery and heroism. Free Form had looked over them all with the wonder of a newborn foal setting out to discover his new surroundings. Her real story was fascinating and inspiring. Indeed, they were so grand, they almost seemed like a work of fabrication despite their truth.

The enthralled stallion was so taken by the statue that he had hardly noticed that the crowd had all but cleared now. The commencement had ended some short time ago, but he had failed to notice. Slightly embarrassed, Free Form picked himself off the ground and tore his gaze away from the statue of Trotsiphone. He hoped he hadn't missed anything important with the end of the commencement speech, but let the lingering thought dismiss itself when he heard his stomach grumble.

He hadn't eaten anything since waking up that morning, and it had been a rather lengthy trek from Canterlot. With that, Free Form decided to wander off towards the nearest stall. He may live in Canterlot, but his heart was in small towns like this, and the simple food in this town sounded more appetizing than anything he had back at the University. In fact, some Hay Fries or Caramel Apples sounded delicious about now...

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

"Victory... Victory Star! ...My name... I mean you don't have to call me Victory Star, but... If you call be Victory it's a noun, not a verb so... "

The white pegasus in front of Lilac Iris stammered, then he just stood there as if trying to comprehend what had just come out of his own mouth. Victory Star then gave a loud groan, grab her watering can, and ran off in the direction of the river.

“He's a rather odd pony,” Lilac thought to herself, “but then again I don't think we are exactly normal either.” She smile to herself and went back to helping her customers, some of whom had been keeping their distance since Victory had first come over.

She was able to sell several more flower arrangements of various sizes, and she wondered to herself what was taking Victory so long with his task. All he had to do was go down to the river and back after all.

Just after she finished this thought she saw the white pegasus trot back into view, but he was walking rather odd. Instead of walking on all fours like somepony normally would. He had the watering can in his mouth, and was holding one hoof firmly over one side while hopping along with the other 3, occasionally flapping his wings to help balance himself.

The other ponies again gave Victory a wide berth as he approached the booth again, and when he had come to stand directly in front of it he removed him hoof from the can and water fanned out all over her flowers. Lilac Iris jumped backwards on instinct, getting only slightly misted in the surprise shower.

Once the can emptied the purple earth pony looked around, and she saw that every bouquet and arrangement she had refreshed vases and a layer of mist resting on their leaves and petals.

She looked up and saw Victory Star wipe sweat from his brow. “There..” he said

Lilac Iris looked around in confusion and wonder, she had never seen somepony do something like that.

“How did you do that?” She asked, grabbing the watering can from Victory's mouth. She examined it and saw the series of holes on the side where the water had dripped out of. She could also see that there was a chance that these marks had not been made on purpose.

“Crude, but effective,” she muttered as she continued to examine it, “if one could create an opening like this on the side and a door to cover it....why everypony with a garden would want one!” She look up and saw that the white pegasus was still standing there and turned to him.

“Thank you very much for watering my flowers, and for your.....improvements....to my watering can. You have done more then expected and I believe a few more bits may be in order.” She once again reached into her saddlebags for bits, this time coming out with three, handing them to the stallion.

“I hope we will be able to do business again in the future Mr. Victory Star,”and she turned to help a unicorn who had just come up to inquire about a bouquet of pink carnations.

[[[rolled for Lilac's reaction, got a 4 on a d6, so she made it mostly out of the way of the water]]]

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

Victory looked down at the extra money he had received from the mare.

Between the shiny bits now resting in his bag and the Florist mare infront of him, He knew his business wasn't  done here.
Life lesson #2: Remember who "Pays forward to you." (To each his own! When somepony helps you, be readily at hand to return the favor whenever possible!)

"Lilac Iris..." he says to himself.

Victory gallops towards a nearby food stand. A large, slow stallion and a finely groomed colt (Whom Victory decides must be a Canterlot Representative) approach the stand as well.
The large stallion gives a very zen aura, calming Victory's nerves. He gathers his breath and purchases an order of hay fries. After his meal, he counts his remaining bits. The earthquake in his torso was finally quelled.
The reality of the situation finally hits him. All at once, he is bedazzled by the beautiful lights and... that smell...
Nostalgic. He takes in the view, and is ultimately distracted by the beautiful Pegasus statue in the center of town. Upon closer inspection, he can name the scent... Carnations... It was a scent that made him feel as though he knew every last pony there.
He decided red was now his favorite color.
Sitting near his meal, Victory looks to the flower stand and gets an idea.
Victory silently approaches the shop, and lays down his cape like a blanket. Out of his bag, Victory pulls a silver-trimmed bamboo flute and began to play any tune that came to mind.

—   —
     =<( )>=∞=∞=( )=  ≈ ♪

A small crowd began to  gather toward the stand.

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Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

Lilac Iris was able to sell the Pink Carnations to a lovely mare for 25 bits, a nice tidy profit she had to admit. Business was going very well and she had already been able to sell almost half her stock.

“I might actually sell out before the end of the festival!” She thought to herself with a smile.

She went back to focusing on her business for while when the crowd began to part. Victory Star was walking back towards her booth. He seems different though, he seemed more...relaxed.

As he got closer he laid his cape down on the ground like a blanket, took a silver lined flute out of his saddlebags, and began to play.

—  —
    =<( )>=∞=∞=( )=  ≈ ♪

He was... good... Lilac Iris had to say she hadn't expected him to be a musician, as she listened a small crowd began to gather around him, and he played on, seemingly heedless of the ponies coming around to listen to him.

When he finally stopped playing Lilac was almost in tears, it had been so beautiful, as he finished the stomped in approval, and she could see she wasn't the only one with misty eyes. Her booth was suddenly swamped with ponies, many of them simply looking at the price tags, dropping their bits, and turning, giving them to whoever they were or had become enamored with, including the Red Lily heart, which was bought by a well dressed stallion for the sum of 275 bits! By the time the rush had ended she was almost completely out of stock and her saddlebags jingled with newly gained profit.

She picked up an arrangement of eight Red Carnations that had remained and walked over to where Victory Star was sitting.

“I have never heard anything so beautiful. These are for you Victory Star, thank you for sharing your talent with me and all the ponies of Trotton.”

OOC: rolled for enthrallment and quality of music, got a 6 on a d6

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#21 2012-05-07 22:00:22

Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

Life lesson #3: Spread your wings! Try new things! (You never can be too sure of what you're capable of. Trying lots of new things can lead to the discovery of lots of new talents!)

^Π^ mfm...
Victory was holding back laughter. He had to admit, that felt pretty cool. Who was he kidding! He was flabbergasted! He immediately fell over, smiling  and laughing.

“I have never heard anything so beautiful. These are for you Victory Star, thank you for sharing your talent with me and all the ponies of Trotton.”
Lilac seemed enthralled.
Victory had never felt such joy in his life! Never in one thousand years would he ever be able to do that again. He was still aghast with laughter. He couldn't belive it worked!
" What... *giggle* would you say... If I said that was a fluke? Hrm?" 
Victory went on to elaborate.
"I need to make up for her kindness somehow... I'm not sure why, but I feel like I owe her!"
Victory searched high and low, but couldn't find what he was looking for. Not even the luckiest stallion in all of equestria could possibly find a gift for a mare he knew nothing about...
Suddely a stallion at the junk booth seemed to shoot Victory a stare that would draw blood from an Ursa Major. Not losing his posture, Victory picked up an old flute. He remembered a song his mom taught him as a foal... but there's no way in Canterlot he would remember that after almost 12 years of no musical effort.
"But I did!" Victory was losing his excitement high. As he calmed, he finally ended with, "So I bought this flute with the extra money you gave me, and..."

"Life is a comedy for those who think, and a tragedy for those who feel."


#22 2012-05-08 10:04:49

To the Internetmobile!

Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

As Lilic Iris presented the red carnations to Victory Star she saw him shuddering, was he.....laughing?
Her suspicions were confirmed when a moment later he fell over, smiling and laughing. The purple mare was taken back, and a little bit angry, she had become enthralled by this pegasus and his music and was presenting him with a gift of her handiwork, and he was LAUGHING!?!

" What... *giggle* would you say... If I said that was a fluke? Hrm?"  
Victory Star said as he went on to tell of how he had wanted a way to make up for her kindness to him, and he had just bought the flute from a vendor at the fair, and he hadn't even played a flute for 12 years!

"But I did!" Victory said, finally beginning to calm down "So I bought this flute with the extra money you gave me, and..."

Lilac Iris cut him off by lifting a hoof up in front of Victory's face.

“I don't want to hear any more, here I thought that I was in the presence of a great a talented musician, a traveling bard who just happen to be down on his luck, wandering into town to share your gift like I came here to spread the beauty of my flowers. Instead it turns out it is all a FLUKE!!”

Lilac snorted  and was breathing hard, staring down the pegasus. She stood like that for a short time when she felt a slight breeze and the scent of the Lilac blossoms in her hair wafted over her. Their light fragrance helped to bring the fuming mare back down, and she remembered how being aggressive and angry with plants never got her anywhere, and it was when she was gentle and caring that she did her best work.

Lilac Iris's breathing began to slow back down, and she could feel her muscles relaxing.
“I know that it was just a fluke, but I guess I am still glad that I was able to hear it, since it may never happen again.”

She looked around at the other festival goers, and saw all their smiles and all of the ones carrying flowers, HER flowers. She turned back to Victory Star and smiled...

“You made a lot of other ponies happy today too, and I still want you to have these.” She laid the Red Carnations carefully in front of the white stallion, then walked back to her booth and started to clean up the loose leaves and petals that were scattered about.

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#23 2012-05-08 13:17:11


Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

The hunger pangs in Free Form's stomach were enough to spur his easygoing trot into an eager canter. He really needed to stop unintentionally starving himself like this. It surely wasn't good for him and probably contributed to his somewhat lean build. Regardless, if there was a time to eat it was now.

The smell of faire food wafted through the air and nearly whisked Free Form away. It wasn't hard for him to decide which smelled the best, though, as he quickly pulled up to a stand that specialized in Hay Fries and Grain Burgers. Normally, it wouldn't be his first choice since it wasn't his favorite, but it just happened to be what smelled the best at the moment.

Taking a couple of bits from the money pouch in his saddlebag, Free Form dropped them onto the booth counter and ordered himself both a Grain Burger with a side of Hay Fries. He picked up the tray they were on in his mouth and trotted to the nearest table near the ring of food booths and sat to enjoy his meal.

(d6 roll for quality of food: d4)

Free Form took a bite of his Grain Burger and chewed thoughtfully, as if to judge the quality of his meal. Normally he wouldn't bother, especially considering how hungry he was, but this particular burger didn't taste as astounding as he was hoping. Perhaps he had been too accustomed to the food at the University to properly enjoy the faire food at this festival. That thought irked Free Form more than he cared to admit, but it was what it was. Even if he didn't like this town that much, the thought of readjusting to a simpler diet was somewhat appealing. Over time, the stallion figured that it might grow on him. Free Form chewed on a few Hay Fries in much the same manner before letting his attention be caught by a nearby flute player.

(d6 roll for reaction/enjoyment of playing: d1) OOC: Oh geez. I was afraid of this. XD

The music was enthralling and mystic. At first, it sounded like any other little tune one might play on a little flute, but quickly turned into something far more...

Free Form didn't have a word to spare in order to describe what he was hearing. The familiarity of the song had haunted the back of his mind since the musician had begun playing it, but nothing came to him until about halfway through. He knew then what he was hearing: it was a little tune that he had heard a number of times when he was smaller. Just a small number that his parents hummed when they worked in their paper mill that he happened to catch wind of. Before long it had been lodged in his head and became his go-to ditty when he was humming to himself.

That was hardly the end of that, though. Free Form suddenly felt sick to his stomach. The tune was so familiar that he had unintentionally associated it with the horrible events of the Royal Wedding. His mother had been humming it all day as they prepared for the wedding... the fake wedding. It had stuck with him up until the false Princess Cadence made her entrance as the Changeling Queen. After that, he desperately tried to shake it from his head as he desperately fought to protect his parents from the Changeling horde, but his mind kept going back to it. And, just as he was sure that his parents might meet their demise to the Changelings, his mother started humming it again. He was sure then that it was an attempt to soothe her mind, but in return, it had done unspeakable things to his psyche.

The song haunted him for most of that week too, when he was caring for his parents. He didn't dare hum it to them for fear of losing his mind when he needed it the most. Thankfully, he had managed to put the task of caring for them first and foremost, which was enough to drive back the horrible connection he had between that song and the events of the Royal Wedding. That is, until now.

The events of the wedding replayed in Free Form's head again until it became too much to bear. The music had stopped playing some moments before, but that hadn't stopped the distraught stallion from remembering. It had finally reached its boiling point, and the images in his head became too much to bear. The stress had done its work on Free Form's stomach and forced out the food he had just eaten.

Free Form glanced around at the festival goers who had witnessed his loss of control. They were staring either in shock or horror. It was such a random incident that he couldn't very well blame most of them for looking mortified, but that didn't keep him from being any less embarrassed. So much for keeping a low profile. Deciding that finishing his food now was a terrible idea and made do with leaving the festival area. Now of all times would probably be the best to separate himself from the townsfolk of Trotton in order to seek out the library within Trotton Manor.

Trying to hide his shame as best as he could, Free Form set off at a bit of a canter in order to escape the shame he had left at the food stands. He hadn't caught a glimpse of who it was that had played the tune, but he promised himself he wouldn't hate them for it. It was just a matter of coincidence that they knew the same song. It was somewhat popular anyways...


#24 2012-05-08 19:44:04

Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

Victory felt ashamed...

Maybe it was best he hadn't said anything...

Maybe he should have just let her think he was a great musician. A wandering artist out searching for inspiration and beauty...
It would have made her happy, true, but it wouldn't have been the right thing. Sure, he didn't have to straight up lie to Lilac to make her belive what she wanted, but sometimes...

Life lesson #4: Sometimes the biggest liars, are the ones who say nothing at all.
(Concealing the truth is never right, even if you don't say anything. Some things just have to be said. Try to be open with ponies!)

"Look!" Victory pleaded. "I know you're disappointed that I'm not a great flutist... but... that doesn't mean I played the song by accident! I sincerely only wanted to express my gratitude... and the song just... happened... I'm sort of... lucky like that..."

Victory was convinced he made the wrong choice. Was she offended by his laughter. He didn't mean to laugh when he did... It just burst out. He was just so happy that...

Victory began to help sweep. His tail swayed back and forth lifting the mess in small clouds around his hooves.

"Luck." He said.
"That's my talent. I'm not strong, fast, tall, smart... I can't juggle or make candy... I'm just lucky."


Victory continued," I knew that whatever happened, it probably would have been good... so I thought that relying on my luck would be good for you. Let the universe settle my debt, y'know? It's the only thing I could have given... "

Suddenly, a familiar looking Stallion began... having stomach troubles in the distance.
"Looks like somepony else could use a little good luck right now... I guess I'll leave you alone forever now..."

Victory approahed the stallion and began to pat his back. He asked if he was okay, and offered to help him home.

Ooc: If you so choose, Victory's luck can apply to you as well. He is basically a walking good luck charm. Note however, that if included in your plot, he is not a capable fighter.

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"Life is a comedy for those who think, and a tragedy for those who feel."


#25 2012-05-08 20:59:17


Re: [Trot] New Beginnings and Victory

OOC : Writing this from work. shame on me. :x I also seemed to have timed out my login, so I'll post this for now and repost later when I get home.

Before Free Form could get more than a dozen or so feet from the grouping tables where he had had his incident, a slightly younger Pegasus had approached him and began to inquire on his well being.

"Are you alright?" The Pegasus asked as he parted Free Form's back.

"Yeah... Yeah, I'm fine," Free Form choked out. He wasn't sure what to make of this particular situation.

The young Pegasus in question seemed eager to help him and from what Free Form could tell, he had also witnessed the shameful act itself.

"I think I'll be alright. I have some business to attend to, though, so you'll have to excuse me," Free Form politely pulled away from the Pegasus as he continued towards the middle of town.

Before Free Form had gone more than a couple feet, though, he felt guilt rise up and force him to at least turn around and acknowledge the one pony that did they to help him.

"Umm... Thanks," Free Form said awkwardly before turning and bolting off towards Trotton Manor in a canter once more.

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