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Peanut Bucker is best pony.

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#1 2013-07-10 01:53:52

Peanut Buckering ALL the things!
Mkanke Trotter

Peanut Bucker Desktop Pony

This could probably go in the Peanut Bucker on your computer thread but why not give this little thingy its own topic. So I have finally made what I will call version 1.0 of this. It could have been done MONTHS ago but I kept putting it to the side. Oh well. I may or may not made modifications later on like a sitting pose or whatever the mood strikes me. So without further ado here she be.


You're free to mod it in any way you feel. Make the hair better, give her an eye patch and pirate hat, socks, you name it and you're free to do it. Alright enjoy!



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