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High frequency welding and welding/blanking machines

Our specific high frequency welding and welding/blanking machines for the automotive allow the welding and the embossing on car mat and interior covering and seats.

Practicality of the use and high functionality are the elements that distinguish our proposals.

Thank to many years of experience in this sector, we accept the many changing needs expressed from the market and we meet promptly offering a wide and diversified range of machines.

Our wide range includes high frequency welding machines with a fixed working plane or rotating table.

You can buy both brand new and second-hand machines. Our second-hand is a “guaranteed second-hand” and the machines are overhauled and sold with davison-machinery’s guarantee.

davison-machinery.com : since 1976 is the leader company in manufacturing and selling of high frequency welding machines.
the high frequency welding machines for the automotive that make the difference


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